Retail Digital Signage

TVs placed inside retail environments is nothing new. Utilizing screens to maximize profitability certainly is. "In the early 1980's 'Loblaws' Vice President, Dave Nichol, rolled TV sets into the garden sections of his grocery stores, and showed videotaped commercials promoting azaleas. When azalea sales jumped to 1,700 per store per week from one, he knew he was onto something." Welcome to the world of digital signage's in the retail environment.

With studies such as that published in the Wall Street Journal [Wal-Mart Adds In-Store TV Sets, Lifts Advertising showing the effectiveness of last-mile-selling with in-store demand being pushed through digital signage's, that displayed short, yet effective brand and product communications; digital signage's such as doPublicity's Digital Signage Manager has filled the gap between the technology and in-store requirements, to being retailers easy to use, programmable & customizable digital signage solutions.

The retail environment Digital Signage, has many features and benefits that static signage's and displays can not offer. The Dynamic nature of digital signage grabs a customer's attention. Attention once captured, effective content influences the customer's purchasing decision right at the point of purchase. Without the cost and logistical nightmare of printing, distributing and ensuring reach of a traditional PoS campaign; digital signage is near-instant and offers the ability to change promotions on-the-fly, for across multiple products and categories, or to focus on specific target customers. Keeping aside a sizable slice of advertising space for paid use by suppliers is an additional revenue stream, besides helping suppliers push volumes - which in turn benefits the retailer over the medium and long term.

Uses of digital signage's in the retail space:
  • Promote sales by pushing specific products within the store
  • Display daily discounts and promotions
  • Launch new products
  • Create product awareness and instill brand recall

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