Add Digital Signage Content To Playlist Remotely

View Demo Add Digital Signage Content to Playlist and setup display parameters.

Note: It is recommended to temporarily 'Suspend Screen' updating while adding Content, to prevent incomplete information from being displayed on any Screen.

Instructions for temporarily suspending updates.

To Add Content To Playlist
  1. Start the doPublicity Digital Signage Manager
  2. Under the 'Playlist Management' Section, click on the second link 'Add To Playlist'
  3. 'Pick Content to display' that you would like to add to the Playlist. Only Active Content is displayed in the list
  4. Set the Playlist display number. This is the sequential order number in which the Content will be slotted. Content can have the same number and will be sorted automatically
  5. Set 'Start Date'
  6. Set 'End Date'
  7. Set days of week to display Content. You may select all or any combination of days you need
  8. Set hours of day to display Content. You may select all or any combination of hours you need
  9. Enter display time 'Duration' in seconds. In case of videos make sure that sufficient time is allotted for video to start playing and covers the entire duration of display

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