Digital Signage Templates for Digital Menu Boards, Advertising, Events, Schedules

  • Easy-to-use digital signage templates - setup and view in minutes

  • Over 2,500 customizable templates

  • Live weather templates for current and weekly forecast

  • Templates available in multiple colors and design styles

  • For Digital Menu Boards, Advertisements, Events, Schedules and Promotions

Digital Signage Templates are predesigned templates that are easy to use and are available in several designs and color combinations. These templates have become hugely popular as they are convenient to deploy and manage, considering the alternate which is provisioning custom content from the ground up and not knowing what to expect.

Designing for Digital Signage is not the same as designing for print, web or television
Developing digital signage content is not the same as creating an advertisement for print, website or television. Each medium requires a unique design perspective as the target audiences viewing duration and expected goals vary. In print and website mediums, it is easy to put a lot of text, as the viewer controls the viewing period and has an opportunity to revisit the advertisement if they so prefer. Television ads, on the other hand, are designed for maximum recall and impact, as the duration of the advertisement is limited and is expected to generate a call to action by the buyer.

doPublicity is the pioneer in creating digital signage templates and has the expertise and experience to create such templates for a variety of industries successfully. doPublicity has worked with people from almost all industries and over the years honed the concept that is today visible in the large variety of easy-to-use customizable templates. Based on our experience, to put it simply, "digital signage content should be able to get the intended audience's attention with just the right amount of words and images". Keeping this design philosophy and experience in mind, we have created templates that are aimed at getting the viewer to respond favorable to the displayed content and make the screen installation a profitable investment.

Prerequisites for good content
Designing content for a digital signage screen is a job that requires expertise and experience. The content design and final choices need to fulfill a list of prerequisites to make it appealing and useful.

The content should be:

  • Eye-catching and appealing to the viewer.
  • Attract attention to the digital signage display screen without being loud.
  • Deliver your message in a simple and elegant manner, and generate business.
  • Be able to change the displayed information, with least effort.

The Problem

  1. Can I, create the digital signage content easily?
  2. Can I edit the content effortlessly?
  3. Do I need to hire a graphic designer to create my content for me?
  4. What should I budget for developing or editing my content?
  5. How much lead time do I have to plan for creating content?

Most prospective digital signage screen owners get stumped at the point when they have to take decisions on the above questions. Purchasing digital signage media players and remote content management software is the easy part while deciding on how to use it and get the most from the signage TV display are where the challenge begins.

The Solution
Digital Signage Templates are the perfect solution for displaying content such as digital menu boards, advertisements, events, schedules and promotions. Templates easily address all the questions raised about managing digital signage content, which not only makes it an attractive option but a practical long term solution.

  • Easily create content - Using digital signage templates, anyone who can use a smartphone or Facebook can create content for their signage screens. The job of generating content is incredibly simple and just requires the user to:
    - Select a template
    - Enter text and upload images
    - Preview and display

  • Easily edit content anytime and from anywhere - All digital signage templates can be remotely modified using any smartphone, tablet or personal computer. All the user has to do is change the information that needs to be altered or upload a replacement image. Editing the template keeps all other existing information intact and recreates an updated version of the previous template.

  • No graphic designer needed - There is no need to retain a graphic designer or any such professional to create content for your digital signage screen. With over a 2,500 customizable templates being available, it is easy to find and pick one that meets your design, color and content requirements.

  • Large variety of Templates - The doPublicity Digital Signage software comes bundled with a large variety of digital signage templates including Live Weather for one annual fee of $100. As there is fixed cost, this allows the user to use all the available templates without any concern of spending additional funds to keep their screens running.

  • No design lead time – The templates are available as an immediate ready-to-use solution and can be deployed on the signage TV screens at any time. This can be done without having to spend time trying to communicate with designers and other professional, who need substantial lead time and will come back with various proofs for you to select from, before creating the final digital signage content. To use the templates, just log in to your account; make a selection, update, and display. Depending on the amount of content, it could be achieved within minutes.

  • Make multiple versions of content – Using the Cloning functionality in the Digital Signage software; users can quickly create multiple versions of existing content, with the purpose of having different content slides with minor variations.
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