Digital Menu Boards for Restaurants

  • 2,500+ Digital Signage Templates

  • Remote Management - Anytime - Anywhere

  • Dayparting: Display specific messages based on time of day and / or day of week
    Example: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

  • Use SimulSignage to simultaneously display your menu board content on your website

  • Display Live Weather, Images, Video, Websites, PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Scrolling Banner

  • Run special promotions for individual locations / menu screens, depending on the day of week

  • Manage TV menu board remotely from any device (PC / Tablet / Phone), using any operating system (Windows, Apple or Android)

  • NO RISK 30 Days Return Policy

doPublicity Digital Menu Boards Solutions are available as a bundle that includes Media Player, Software License and over 2,500 ready to use Menu Board Templates, for displaying on Landscape (Horizontal) or Portrait (Vertical) TV or Monitor.

Pictures make food look good - Increase conversion
Food always looks 'extra-delicious' when shown on TV menus. As the saying goes 'a picture is worth thousand words,' which cannot be truer than in this scenario, where the customer needs to see what they would like to eat or what they can expect to get. Showing pictures and video of food and their complimentary products also increase conversions, as the customer makes a mental visualization of having the food in front of them and creates a cerebral appetite which could translate into a craving for the food item displayed on the TV menu board.

Easy visibility
Electronic menu boards have a distinct advantage over conventional static boards of having high visibility, purely due to the nature of digital signage content that can be created to attract the viewers’ attention. Unlike wooden menu boards, TV menu boards have a high brightness and show well even in the dark ambient light, further enhancing the visibility of the menu and increasing the prospect of higher revenue.

Another factor that adds to the easy visibility of the screen is the flashing of a part of the display to change pictures or to refresh the screen with multiple menu displays. This movement on this electronic sign causes the viewer to take notice of the televisions presence and in the process gets attracted to what is being displayed on the digital menu screen. doPublicity has many digtal signage templates with unique menu board ideas that incorporate changing content in a part of the screen which adds to the attractiveness of this medium.

Using dynamic digital menu boards as against traditional wall hanging static menus is like watching black and white TV as against a high-resolution digital 4K TV.

Improve ambiance
How often have you noticed that you look at a store and take an instant decision whether you want to give them your business or look elsewhere? This reaction is a very common phenomenon as people want to be at a location where the ambiance suits them and is up to their expectations.

LED menu board TVs by nature of their brightness and ability to display vibrant menu board content can improve a locations ambiance just by their presence, which shows the customer that the store is up to current standards and up-to-date with market expectations. The best part of all this is that these electronic signs for menu boards can be installed at an extremely low cost.

Menu board dayparting is the ability to display unique menu board content based on the time and day of the week. This is pertinent in situations where the business serves different meal items like breakfast lunch and dinner.

In restaurants with static wooden, plastic or chalk boards, they have to put up their entire menu for the day and show timings next to the breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, which is not only confusing but leads to customers asking for food items as special request even though it is not available. Also, the sheer number of food items being displayed on the static menu board takes up a lot of space which can be used for displaying pictures and promoting the currently available food items.

This problem is easily solved using menu board software like doPublicity which allows the restaurant manager to set the TV menu board based on time of day and not have to worry about making changes, as they happen automatically based on the current time.

Also, some situations require that the restaurant menu board be set uniquely for each day of the week. This is a more common occurrence in schools and corporate cafeterias where the menu is pre-designated by day of the week. In this situation too, the restaurant manager can preset the digital menu software to display content based on the current day of the week, which will automatically rotate without any input from the manager.

Increase ticket value by offering daily promotions
Restaurant and cafeterias can use the digital menu boards to promote specials of the day, using the same technique as used in dayparting. The business can show the promotional food items along with their regular daily menu and not have to worry about making any major changes to the entire playlist, but rather just focus on just that one slide that shows the daily specials.

Using digital menu board templates for this application makes it incredibly easy, as the restaurant manager can make these daily changes within minutes and display on the menu display boards. If the manager also has the option to pre-plan the special and schedule it to show at a later date by setting its start and end date in the playlist.

Reduce employee overheads
Besides improving the ambiance and increasing flexibility, electronic menu boards also help in reducing employee expenses by expediting the ordering process and reducing the order time per customer. Rather than having multiple cash registers, if you could cut down on a one or more POS systems depending on your traffic, the restaurant can reduce employee overheads associated with that POS use being stopped. Electronic signs can have a direct impact of speeding up the ordering process, as the customers can clearly see pictures and menu items with description well before they get to the head of the line to order. Using large size TV menu boards help as they can be seen further back by customers waiting in line and deciding their order.

doPublicity provides over 2,500 customizable templates included with its SAAS license, which is easy to use and manage. As these templates can be managed by anyone with minimal design skills, it eliminates the need to hire any professional graphic designer or a dedicated person to create content for the menu board.

Reduce ordering time
In businesses that do not have pictures of their food items along with the description, customers get to the head of the line and engage the person taking the order with an extended conversation about what food options could work for them or what the ingredients of a particular item on the menu is. All this can easily be avoided by showing clear pictures of the food items with a listing of its ingredients and its caloric content if required. The customer can now see what he is going to get and does not have any need for a conversation or opportunity to hold up the line.

Update menu board anytime
Updating content using doPublicity’s Digital Signage software is extremely easy, as all it takes is the need to edit a few items whether it’s the name, description, price or picture in the customizable template. There is no reason to recreate the entire digital menu template as the software does an incremental update to the template and does need to reconstruct it or download it to the digital signage media player. This update is seamless and is displayed as soon as the media player gets the update from our servers.

A major advantage of such anytime updates is the ability to make sudden changes when you run out of certain food items and need to remove them from the restaurant menu board.

Update menu board remotely
The electronic menu boards can be updated remotely from anywhere, anytime and using any device.

doPublicity Digital Signage software is managed through the website and can be accessed from anywhere using any HTML5 compliant browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge. On logging into the account, the restaurant manager can remotely add, edit or delete content and playlist for one or multiple screens – all from one dashboard. These updates can be done anytime and can be scheduled for display at a future date.

As the website is responsive design and usable through multiple browsers, it can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet or personal computer, using Windows, Android, Linux or Mac operating systems.

Low startup cost
doPublicity provides an economical digital menu board software and digital signage media player bundle starting from $399 to $499.

Also, setting up electronic menu TV screens has become affordable due to the availability of low-cost LED TVs including 4K high definition TVs that can be used for this application. The TVs currently available in the market more than suffice for general indoor use and have a high intensity and brightness that will create eye-catching restaurant menu boards.

Run without internet access
One of doPublicity’s outstanding features is the ability to keep the digital menu boards running even if they lose their internet connection. Unlike cloud-based digital signage solutions that need to have a constant internet connection; doPublicity uses a proprietary technology to keep the media player running even if the internet connection has dropped off.

Generate additional income
Restaurants, cafeterias, and other food-related businesses have a close relationship with individual vendors who ask them to promote their products (Coke, Pepsi, Wines, etc.) over others. This relationship can be turned into a profitable relationship by asking these vendors to advertise on the electronic menu boards to defray the cost of procuring and running the TV menu board. This marketing arrangement helps the product suppliers and the eatery, to push particular goods with the goal of generating higher profits. Also, other local business could market their products to your customers as they are a captive audience while eating in the restaurant.

Customer feedback
The menu display boards are an excellent way to connect with clients and provide them social media links and contact information so that they can interact with the business and create a relationship leading to brand loyalty. The client can also use the contact details displayed on the electronic signs to connect with the firm's management to provide feedback, reviews, and suggestions.

Brand Identity
The restaurant menu board can also be used to promote the companies brand identity which creates brand recall and customer loyalty. This is easily achieved by displaying menu boards in the brand's corporate colors with logo and other branding information strategically shown along with the food items on the menu board.

Areas of use in the food service environment include:

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