Digital Signage Startup Cost Estimate

A Digital Signage network requires the following components:

  • doPublicity Digital Signage Media Player
  • TV (LED / LCD / Plasma) or Monitor - purchased and installed locally
  • doPublicity Digital Signage Remote Service
  • 800+ Customizable Templates
  • Live Weather

Traditionally, the cost of setting up a Digital Signage display has ranged from $3,000 to $6,000 for a 42" display screen with all the required hardware and software. doPublicity Digital Signage Manager software makes Digital Signage extremely affordable and within reach of all small and medium businesses.

   Estimate Digital Signage Startup Cost
  Number of Display Screens
  Display Screen Size Pick Screen Size
  Cost of Setting up Digital Signage    
    Per Unit Total  
  No screen selected $0 $0  
Free Free  
  SaaS+ $249 $249  
  800+ Customizable Templates Included -  
  Live Weather Included -  
  Support - Phone, Email and Remote Support Included -  
  Training Included -  
  Software and Template Upgrades Included -  
  Cost for 1 Digital Signage Display $249  
  Annual SaaS+ Renewal for 1 Screen License (from 2nd year onwards) $149  
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