Digital Signage Software Pricing

Digital Signage / Menu Board Software
 Price: FREE with doPublicity Media Players

doPublicity offers Free Digital Signage and Menu Board Software with the purchase of any of its Media Players. The software comes as an included bundle with the Media Players which have the doPublicity App preinstalled and configured for immediate use.

The doPublicity Media Player and Free Software Bundle is a One-Time Cost package with No Monthly or Annual Fees.

The Free Digital Signage and Menu Board Software features:

Display Images, Video, and Websites
Display content using multiple formats including Images in PNG, JPG, GIF and BMP formats, Video in MP4 format and Web pages.

Remote Content Management
Remotely manage all Screen, Content and Playlist settings through the website and asynchronously update media players - Manage any screen from anywhere, anytime.

Support and Training Included
We provide Phone and Email Support, which includes training and assistance to successfully operate and manage the system.

Show unique content at different time of day / week. Example: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner menus.

Unlimited Content Storage
Store as much content as you need on our servers and use them as and when you need to display the content.

Display Scrolling Banner
Display scrolling messages on the bottom of the screen using content from RSS Feeds or insert your own Custom Message.

SimulSignage is a unique feature that allows the content to be displayed simultaneously on your Digital Signage TV and website, allowing your customers to see the content through multiple mediums.

Two Factor Authentication
For added security, you may enable the available Two Factor Authentication that adds a second level of authentication to an account login. Two Factor Authentication necessitates the user to have an additional level of verification (like banks), before being able to access the account.

Premium Content Package
 Price: $100 Per License / Year
2,000+ Customizable Templates
doPublicity has over 2,000 ready to use Customizable Templates that can be deployed with minutes, just select a template, enter text, upload pictures, preview and add to the Playlist to display right away.

These templates are available in multiple categories in both landscape and portrait orientations.

- Digital Menu Boards for Restaurants and other similar businesses
- Advertising
- Lobby Directories
- Schedule and Event Announcements
- Date/Time
- Greetings for major holidays and birthdays

Live Weather Forecast
Display Live Weather with Current, Short Term or Weekly Forecast. These templates are available in both landscape and portrait orientation in an assortment of color combinations.

Display PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint Documents
Upload and display documents in PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint formats.

Failure Email Alerts
The doPublicity servers monitor all Media Players and in case it detects that the player is not connected to the internet, the system sends out Alert Emails at 2, 6 and 24 hours internals

Template Upgrades
Get regular updates of Templates, as and how we add them

Auto Screen ON / OFF
Set screen to turn ON / OFF depending on your work hours, for each day of the week
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