SimulSignage - Display Digital Signage simultaneously on Website

  • Display existing Content on your website, as set in Playlist
  • Real-time auto-updating as Content is added to Playlist
  • Easy setup - just copy a few lines of code in to web page - the rest is automated
  • Set display to your time zone and use Dayparting to deliver current information
  • Completely automated web site dynamic updates
  • Maintain similarity across customer facing mediums (Website and place of business)
  • Inform customer about product offering and promotions even before they have entered your place of business

This is an example of SimulSignage


SimulSignage Digital Signage is the ability to simultaneously display your content on your TV screen and your website. Using SimulSignage, you could target your audience with your current offerings and information, even before they visit your establishment or act as a reminder when they visit your website.

SimulSignage is easy to setup - just add a couple of lines of code (we generate the code for you) to your web pages and voila, display your content as and how you update it.

Try SimulSignage now and see how it works – Get 30 days free trial.

Restaurants, Bars, Cafes and Fast Food
It is common for restaurant patrons to visit a website before deciding where they want to go. They typically look at the menu on the website and decide whether they would go to the restaurant or look elsewhere. Using SimulSignage, it is easy to display your current menu whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner. Also when the daily specials are shown on the restaurant’s menu board, the same content being available simultaneously on the website give the customer a real-time feel of what they can expect when they visit the eatery.

Schools, Colleges, and Universities
Schools are always putting our information for the benefit of the student, parents or faculty staff, which is displayed on digital sign screens at prominent locations to get the attention of prospective viewers. This information could be time-sensitive and the target audience may not be in the school's buildings or could be travelling, which could lead to inconvenience due to lack of timely information.

This situation is easily remedied by displaying the digital signage content simultaneously on the school's website, so that the intended viewer see it from anywhere and at any time, at their convenience.

In most cases of elementary, middle and high schools, parents take a keen interest in tier children’s activities and are keen on knowing what is going on in the school; SimulSignage is the perfect tool to seamlessly display content without having to get any technical people or IT staff involved.

Corporate / Human Resources
Corporate users use digital signage for displaying Internal Communication and Corporate Messaging on TV screens spread out all over the business facilities. This information being presented is primarily intended for their employees, resellers or customers. In a lot of cases, this is typically managed by the Human Resource team to broadcast information related to safety, health, and other guidelines.

Using SimulSignage, the information is quickly distributed to a larger number of users who may be working off-site or are in their offices and have not had an opportunity to see the TV screen.

Also, some of the Internal Communication or Corporate Messaging content could be lengthy and be inconvenient for the viewer to stand in front of a digital signage TV screen for the extended periods. Viewing the same content on their tablet or computer could be far more convenient, as they could see it at their convenience and without missing out on any part of the information being distributed.

SimulSignage could also be placed on employees authorized access only web pages for displaying information that is private and not for public consumption.

Advertising Networks
Advertising networks by nature of their business want to generate the maximum exposure for their customers. SimulSignage allows advertisement network owners to place their client’s ads on their web pages at no additional cost, which give the customer an added level of exposure, which is always appreciated.

Also, the advertisement network owner can demonstrate to new prospective advertisers that they already have a variety of sponsors and are running a successful network. This is critical because ‘nothing succeeds like success’ and advertisers are most often attracted to advertising networks that are doing well and attracting other competing advertisers – no one wants to advertise on a screen or location that has hardly any advertisers.

SimulSignage provides the advertisement network owner a new tool that updates automatically, every time they update their advertisement digital signage screens.

The retail business environment is highly competitive and requires companies to publicize as much information to their customer as they can. Most retailers are already using digital signage and displaying content that includes promotions, sales, and incentives to their target audience.

Displaying the same information on the website using SimulSignage is like having an additional door to the retail business. The customer almost always peruses the retailer’s website before visiting a retail store and providing this information before hand, creates a pre-disposed situation where the customer walks into the store knowing exactly what to look for. Once in the store, they see the same message on the digital signage TV screen and instantly trigger a recall and relate to the content being displayed, which could convert into a sale.

Hotels and Motels
The hospitality industry is built on providing excellent customer service and providing location and service information is a critical part of success in this industry. Typically hotels and motels like to display content like their current activities, local weather, and information about their immediate vicinity, local activities and dining options. This content appears on TV screens placed at a prominent location in the lobby so that it can be seen by anyone walking into the place.

Hotel guests like users of other services visit the businesses website before making any reservations and like to gather as much information about their intended destination, before selecting their hotel.

SimulSignage allows these businesses to concurrently display their information on their digital signage screen and website, without having to worry about information being stale or outdated.

Church and Temples
Places of worship are always updating their daily schedules and need to keep their congregation informed about upcoming events and any recurring scheduled activities. Some people don’t visit the church or temple on a regular basis and are not aware of the daily events or schedules. SimulSignage is an excellent alternative for individuals who check for church or template activities online and the person managing it at the place of worship has to update only the digital signage screen, which will automatically refresh the content that is being shown on the website.

Doctors, Dentists, Veterinarians, Lawyers, Fitness Experts, Physiotherapists and other such professionals have people waiting in their sitting area and typically are shown content related to the professional business, with intent to educate the viewer or to generate interest in value-added services.

These customers also browse websites of competing professionals looking for information and the best available services. SimulSignage is an easy solution for displaying the existing digital signage content on the professional's internet site so that these and other prospective customers get the information that is intended for them.

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