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doPublicity is a division of MaGlobe, Inc. a company based in North Bend, WA. doPublicity was conceptualized in April 2006 and started activities in September 2006. As a company, we have been innovative and developed products for niche markets and expanding opportunities since 2001. MaGlobe has a strong technical, commercial and financial background with a profitable revenue stream.

Our company history
MaGlobe was conceptualized in April 1999 and began operations in August 2000. Since then we have continually reviewed the needs of our users and have developed products to meet those needs.

MaGlobe initially started as a Prepaid Internet Access provider and has since grown in to one of the largest providers in the segment, catering to the needs of individual travelers. The main purpose of the service has been to allow our subscribers seamless Internet access using a single Username and Password from any MaGlobe location worldwide. Unlike other ISPs which depend on third parties to connect their subscribers when they travel overseas, MaGlobe provides worldwide services directly to end users.

In September 2003 we started providing Toll Free Broadband Internet Access in the lower 48 US states. This service was marketed through established remote access resellers and soon established itself as the largest non-Telco provider for dialup Toll Free Internet Access.

We now provide Toll Free Broadband Internet Access in all US states (including Alaska and Hawaii), Canada and Puerto Rico. We presently provide services to a large number of Fortune 500 companies who use our service for their toll free dialup remote access needs.

doPublicity benefits from this history of successful implementation of technology and marketing based concepts and expects to re-create a success story in a new business segment.

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