Digital Signage Location Settings

Location settings manage individual Media Player operating parameters

To set Location settings:
  • Login to your account
  • Place the mouse over Locations tab
  • Click on Manage Display Locations
  • Click on Settings for the Location that you need to setup
  • Enter / Edit the following information:
     - Location Name - This is the name with which you can identify the location
     - Address
     - Phone
     - Email
     - Remote Service Update Frequency: Defaults to 60 minutes. Set to any duration more than 60 minutes
     - Weather Zip / Display Code: Enter Zip / Post Code for this location. It can be unique for each location
     - Show Scrolling Banner: Yes / No - This is used to enable / disable the scrolling banner
     - Override Media Player Clock: Yes / No - Preferable keep this on Yes, it will allow the Media Player to continue displaying Content, even if it loses internet access
     - Set Time Zone
     - Enable Remote Service Display Report: Yes / No - Used to display real-time display logs
     - Screen Orientation: Landscape (Horizontal) / Portrait (Vertical) - This is used for online Preview purpose only
  • Click on Update Location to save information

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