Digital Signage Media Player Setup

HDMI, Mouse, Wi-Fi, LAN and Date / Time Settings

The Media Player comes with:
  • doPublicity Digital Signage App pre-installed
  • AC Power Adapter
  • HDMI Cable
  • Remote Control
  • Setup Instructions

Connecting Media Player to TV using HDMI cable
  • Use the included HDMI cable to connect the Media Player to the TV
  • Set the TVs input to the same input where the HDMI is connected
Connecting mouse to Media Player
You can use a wireless or wired mouse instead of the Remote, to manage the Media Player
  • Connect the USB end of the mouse to any of the available USB ports on the Media Player
  • If the mouse does not show on the screen:
     - If using a wireless mouse, please check the batteries
     - Reboot the Media Player, so it detects the mouse
Setup Wi-Fi Internet connection
  • Click on the Media Players Settings icon
  • Click on Wi-Fi Setting
  • Turn ON Wi-Fi, if required
  • Turn OFF LAN, if required
  • Click on available network and enter security password (if required)
Note: It is recommended to use a private network, as public networks require frequent authentication and may timeout periodically. This could affect the ability of the Media Player to download and display Content.
Setup Ethernet (LAN) Internet connection
  • Connect the Ethernet (LAN) cable to the Media Players RJ45 port
  • Click on the Media Players Settings icon
  • Click on LAN Setting
  • Turn ON LAN, if required
  • Turn OFF Wi-Fi, if required
  • The Media Player will auto-detect the connection and connect to your network
     - If it does not connect, reboot the Media Player; so it detects the network
Setup Date / Time
  • Click on the Media Players Settings icon
  • Click on Date & Time Setting
  • Check the checkbox for Automatic date and time
  • Uncheck the checkbox for Automatic time zone - Very Important
  • Click on Select time zone and pick your time zone
  • Verify that you see the correct date and time
     - If the date and time is incorrect, check your internet connection and retry

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