Manage Digital Signage Locations Remotely

'Manage Display Screen Locations' allows you to Subscribe / Renew Remote Service and setup Screen Display Parameters.

Screen Display Parameters
  1. Login to Online account under the 'Remote Services' section
  2. Under the 'Display Screen' Section, click on the first link 'Manage Display Screen Locations'
  3. To Subscribe / Renew, click on link in the 'Subscribe / Renew' column
  4. To edit Location information, click on the 'Edit' button
  5. Update following information and click on the 'Proceed' button at the bottom of the page
    - Location Name, Contact information
    - Remote Service Update Frequency. Example: Every 60 minutes
    - Show Banner Feed - Yes / No
    - Set Initial Startup Page
        * Home Page
        * Run Display - This option will start the application and go straight to display mode
    - Working Days of Week
    - Working Hours of Day

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