doPublicity Digital Signage Manager - Remote Service Features

Setup Content
Setup Templates, Custom Content or Web Page URLs to display on 1 or many screens. The Content is created once and is distributed to all Screen Locations in real-time.

Unlimited Disk Space
Create and store unlimited Digital Signage Content on our server, for subsequent transfer to your Digital Display Screen. No additional charges for uploading large video files or multiple pieces of Content.

Setup Playlist
Setup Playlist for all or selective Screen Locations, each with their own custom settings:
  • Playlist sequence number
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Days of Week to display Content
    Example: Monday thru Saturday, Sunday closed
  • Hours of Day to display Content
    Example: Monday thru Friday 9 AM to 7 PM, Saturday 10 AM to 4 PM
  • Duration of Display
Setup Banner Display
Display Banner Feeds in the bottom portion of the screen.

Custom Messages
Enter your own marketing / promotional messages and set for display on all or selective Screen Locations.

RSS Feeds
Provide URLs of RSS Feeds and display live news, weather, etc. on all or selective Screen Locations.

Banner Scrolling Speed, Background and Text Color can be customized at any time.

Manage Display Screen Locations
Remotely manage individual Display Screen preferences, which are updated periodically.
  • Location Name and Contact information
  • Remote Service Update Frequency
    Example: Every 60 minutes
  • Show Banner Feed - Yes / No
  • Set Initial Startup Page
    - Home Page
    - Templates
    - Screen Details
    - Content Setup
    - Playlist Setup
    - Run Display - This option will start the application and go straight to display mode
  • Working Days of Week
  • Working Hours of Day
Access to over 2,500 Customizable Templates with optional Annual Premium Content Package - $100
Use any of over 2,500 Digital Signage Content Templates to promote your product / services.

Templates available for:
  • Digital Menu Boards
  • Product Promotion
  • Events and Schedules
  • Slideshows
Test Drive Digital Signage Content Templates

Display Report
View Content Display Report for all Screen Locations at a single online location.

Screen Operating Status
Remotely view screen operating state for one or multiple screens. The information is shown on the Dashboard by indicator lights (Green, Amber and Red) that indicate when the screens last updated.

Template Gallery
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