School Digital Signage and Cafeteria Digital Menu Board

Schools and Universities are using Digital Signage to keep their students and faculty up-to-date with current information and scheduled activities.

Information can be scheduled for display in advance or updated within 60 minutes of an event change.

Cafeteria Menu Boards have a unique requirement that requires them to display different set menus for each day of the week. doPublicity makes that easy as the menu can be pre-programmed and automatically displayed for each day of the week.

doPublicity Templates that focus on Events / Announcements and Digital Menu Boards are part of the package and eliminates the need for administrators to deal with graphic designers and get the job done within minutes.

Areas of use in schools include:
  • Inform students and faculty; about current information and scheduled activities
  • Post daily Announcements or Menu with ability to have different displays for each day of week or time of day
  • Provide emergency alerts and public safety information
  • Show live streaming news from RSS feeds
  • Display location maps and use as wayfinding
  • Show training and safety videos

Template Gallery
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