White Label Digital Signage Customer Features

The White Label Digital Signage Solution empowers your customers to manage their own networks easily and independently.

All service functions are routed through a single Customer Gateway which provide them instant access to their Content, Playlist, Screen Management and Reports.

Customer Gateway Features:
  • Suspend / Resume Remote Screen updates
  • Content Management
    - Create Content for remote distribution
    - View / Edit / Delete Content
  • Playlist Management
    - Add Content to Playlist for remote distribution
    - View / Edit / Delete Playlist
  • Scrolling Banner Management
    - Add Custom Messages
    - Add RSS Feeds
    - View / Edit / Delete Banner Content
    - Set Background and Text Colors
    - Set Scroll Speed
  • Manage Screen Location
    - Name and Contact information
    - Remote Service Update Frequency. Example: Every 30 minutes
    - Show Banner Feed - Yes / No
    - Set Initial Startup Page
    - Working Days of Week
    - Working Hours of Day
  • View Content Display Report
    - Show Last 1000 Displayed Content - Shows the last 1000 records from all locations
    - Show Displayed Content Summary - Shows list grouped by Content Name with details grouped by date
    - Show Displayed by Location Summary - Shows list grouped by Location Name with individual Location Display Report grouped by date
  • View Screen Operation Logs

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