White Label Digital Signage Solution

doPublicity provides a White Label Digital Signage Solution that includes:
  • YOUR Brand Management Sites
    - Administration Management Site to manage all your customers
    - Customer Management Site for your customers to manage and run their screen networks
  • Access to over 1,000 Customizable Templates for all users who access services using Remote Service
  • Ability to generate License Keys in real-time, 24/7
  • Ability to sell Custom designed Templates and Content, designed and developed in our studio
Cost: FREE
The branded web site (Administrator and Customer) is provided free to our White Label Resellers. The Resellers only pay for License Keys that are purchased for their clients.

Concentrate on what YOU know best - Marketing and Selling.

Provide comprehensive Technical and Creative services to support YOU and YOUR customers.

White Label Site Customizations
Customize site using YOUR Logo, Business Name, Contact information and Color options.

Limitations (or rather lack of it):
  • Maximum number of clients per account: No limit
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Server Storage Capacity: Unlimited
  • Content and Playlist Update Frequency: No Limit
Service Features:
  • 2,500+ ready to use Digital Signage Templates including LIVE News, Weather and Daily Horoscope
  • Web based Management
  • No Servers required
  • No Network Management required
  • No Network Monitoring required
  • Display Screens function even if Player loses Internet Access - It is not an Internet based service
  • Manage multiple screens from a single Dashboard
  • Free Remote Support to help trouble-shoot
Using doPublicity's customizable site builder options, Marketers can create an Administration and Customer Management Site that resembles their existing web site color combinations and maintains consistency of appearance.

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