Add Digital Signage RSS Feed Remotely

View Demo Add a News, Weather, etc. RSS Feed to the Banner Feed. RSS Feed is displayed after any Custom Message that may be set.

To Add New Custom Message
  1. Start the doPublicity Digital Signage Manager
  2. Under the 'Content Management' Section, click on the third link 'Manage Banner Feed'
  3. Click on the 'Add New RSS Feed' button located near the upper left side of the page
  4. Enter 'RSS Feed Title'. This is just for identification purpose and will not display on the screen
  5. Enter RSS Feed URL'
  6. Select from one of 3 options
    - Save RSS Feed - RSS Feed will be saved to be added subsequently to screens
    - Add RSS Feed to All Screens - RSS Feed will be added to all screens
    - Add RSS Feed to Select Screens - Option to select screens where the message should be displayed

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