5 Cool Ways You Can Use Hotel Digital Signage To Increase and Retain Your Customer Base

The Hospitality industry is a highly competitive business that has to be run with extreme efficiency, where using Digital Signage TV screens is becoming imperative and a way of life.

Hotel digital signage

Digital Signage TV displays have finally come of age and has entered the phase, which the BI research firm Gartner refers to as the plateau of productivity. You see, there exists a classification model that was pioneered by Gartner, which is effectively known as the Hype Cycle. In this model, technology is tracked through 5 stages up from inception to the point at which it becomes widely adopted. It comprises of innovation trigger, the peak of inflated expectations, a trough of disillusionment, slope of enlightenment and finally the plateau of productivity.

In this case, the digital signage technology has reached the point at which developers have come up with solutions which can solve real world problems and at a price in which many people can afford. The technology has the potential of transforming enterprise-wide communications, advertising, brand enhancement and a whole lot more on successful integration into the enterprise. Thanks in large part to vendors offering it as a service, which can be managed via the internet, at unbelievably low costs.

Short Set-Up Times

A typical solution involves the costs of buying the LED digital displays that you are currently using for your TV, a digital media player and the cost of accessing the service via a dashboard connected to the service provider’s servers. If you already have your monitors, then you can proceed forth and set up a digital signage solution for your hotel at a one-off cost of under $400. This means that if you are good to go, you can have a digital signage up and operational in a matter of minutes, as opposed to several weeks previously.

If you are a hotel owner, you can have a hotel digital signage solution up and running all within a matter of hours, and you stand to enjoy the following positive revenue outcomes for your hotel;

  • Promoting Your Hotel's Amenities - You can use a digital signage solution as a platform through which you advertise the other services that you offer and these include promoting complementary services, such as your spa, swimming pool, sauna, bar, restaurants and conferencing facilities.

    This means that you have the potential of driving customers to these services which you are offering in tandem with your core offering, which is the provision of lodging. Consequently, your hotel reaps the benefits of letting your clients know about your whole service offering in real-time. The Digital Sign will have a tremendous effect on sales as measured against the costs of setting up such a solution.

    The additional benefits are that it can be very time targeted and specific, informing guests of special events and discounts, such as happy hour, dinner and breakfast specials. It has a higher awareness rate when compared to other forms of media with typical engagement rates of over 80%.

  • Promoting Outside Businesses - When not being used for internal advertising, these displays can be put to work advertising the offerings of outside businesses. You can use your digital display infrastructure to sell prime advertisement time to vendors who want to sell their services. A Digital Signage TV is the best form of venue advertising possible, as it allows you to go ahead and advertise to groups of people who might have a strong inclination to purchase those services that are on offer.

    It is a highly targeted demographic and so your potential advertisers have a real chance of enjoying your services in a manner in which they could not have done previously. The value for your advertisers is in the reach- that is the specific audience; relevance- you can narrow down your content to suit the needs of the viewers and impact with this targeting - you can get higher conversion rates when compared to any other medium.

  • Cutting Down On Overhead - There is a high associated cost of taking care of changing event room boards when a new conference is hosted on your premises and the whole idea is that with digital signage at your hotel; all that you need to be concerned about is to change the content from your dashboard, and all the changes will be reflected in real time across all the screens.

    In fact, you can ask the event organizers to provide their media material beforehand such as logo images, videos and relevant audio and all that you will have to do is just to upload this up on the dashboard and voila, all is done. TV Signage is the best form of integrated event management system that you are likely to find anywhere, especially at that price.

  • Cutting Down On Front Desk and Concierge Services - The time that guests spend asking the front desk operator about where to find an event hall or directions to a service area such as bar or the sauna is not only time consuming but it also eats up on the time that would have otherwise been used in welcoming new guests.

    This need not be the case, with digital signage, you can have an interactive digital map right at the reception area and strategically placed across the hallways, which will help in guiding the guests to all the areas of interest. This is known as Digital Signage Wayfinding. You can also use the same TV screen to highlight local attractions, weather information, flight information and more on the go and all in real-time.

  • Increase in Conference and Event Hosting Revenues - The system will improve efficiencies across the board, and it will show all your clients that you are deep in the cutting edge of things, which will have a positive short and long term impression upon your guests.

    It makes your guests’ experience seamless, making your guests bookmark it and consider it the place-to-be in future and going forward. This means that they will also be most likely to tell their friends and acquaintances to give your hotel a visit, which is an excellent word of mouth referral.

Increased Efficiencies and Revenues

After all is said and done, a digital display hospitality solution will go a long way in positioning yourself as a cutting edge hotelier who is positioned well to offer a technologically appealing solution to your customer base. You will recoup your capital expenditure within a short time, and the revenue stream will keep flowing, well into the future.

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