Restaurant Menu Board - How They Help Your Restaurant Chain

The QSR industry is continually evolving, with digital menu boards for restaurants replacing the traditional ones. In addition to the obvious aesthetic appeal of restaurants menu boards, here are the benefits of adopting this technology for your restaurant/eatery

  1. Restaurant digital menu boards can be easily updated or changed in compliance with new healthcare laws
    In the event that new state or federal regulations or laws are put in place, you can easily change the information displayed on your digital menu board. For example, new healthcare laws may require you to disclose calories on your menu boards.

  2. You can change pricing or add new items to your menu with a few clicks
    If you own a restaurant chain, you can remotely manage pricing and menu items such that some or all your restaurants receive updates – whether you maintain them automatically using a POS system, or manually.

  3. Opportunities for up-selling
    Complimentary items can be displayed on the digital screens when orders are entered in a POS system. Moreover, the images on the high-resolution screens are cleaner than those on static images.

  4. Change the menu automatically depending on audience, day, time, etc
    Your customers no longer have to flip your menus to view breakfast and lunch items, nor do you have to switch transparent inserts. With digital menu boards, you can automatically schedule your menu changes for different times of the day, weekends, or to target niche demographics.

  5. Couch marketing
    As long as you have an internet connection, you can manage menus for your entire network of restaurant from any location. No more shipping costs, printing errors, employee mishaps, and other foibles associates with static menu boards. Additionally, from the comfort of your desk, you can run diagnostics on the system.

  6. Improve customer experience by entertaining them and reducing perceived wait-times
    Customers’ can be entertained as they eat or wait for their orders. In addition to that, you can also pass off interactive, promotional material on the digital screens as infotainment in the form of fun facts, trivia, etc. All this value-added digital signage content serves to the customers’ perception of the wait-times.

  7. Brand consistency
    The clichéd truism “to err is human” is as applicable in the QSR industry as it is in other areas of life. However, with digital menu boards for your restaurants, you don’t have to worry about your staff neglecting or forgetting to update static poster menu boards. The menu boards in all your restaurants will be in sync.

  8. Easy maintenance
    Compared to static menu boards – which require you to design, print and have the boards shipped to and installed in your restaurants – digital menu boards are easier to manage. Once you have installed the digital screens, updating content is as simple as posting a photo on Instagram.

  9. Company communications
    Communication with your staff and customers is made easy with the digital screens used for menu boards. In addition to relaying important company news, you can also display pre-recorded training videos for your staff across your network of restaurant.
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