Vertical Digital Signage Setup

Setting up the screen to display in Vertical Orientation

Digital signage can be displayed in either Horizontal (Landscape) or Vertical (Portrait) orientation, depending on content and space available for mounting the TV. Most people prefer to display in Horizontal orientation, but in some instances a Vertical display is much more eye-catching and suitable for content that is being displayed.

Instructions to change screen orientation
Step 1
Right-click on your desktop

Step 2
Click Screen Resolution

Step 3
Select the screen orientation from the Orientation menu
- Select Landscape for Horizontal display
- Select Portrait for Vertical display

Step 4
Click the Keep Changes button.

doPublicity offers 7 different layout options for Vertical (Portrait) Digital Signage display and 21 options for Horizontal (Landscape) Digital Signage display, allowing the screen to be split in up to 4 zones for displaying Customizable Templates , Images, Video and Web sites.
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