Corporate Digital Signage Solutions Are A Smart Option Because Of Lowering Of Costs of Adoption

Corporate Digital Signage is a simple tool for internal messaging and corporate communications, especially considering that corporates operate from multiple locations and have a need for uniform messaging and communications with their employees, especially considering the lowering cost of adoption and ease of use of current digital signage solutions.

Digital signage for corporate communication and internal messaging

As a corporate, if you have not already joined the digital signage revolution, you risk staying behind the curve and ultimately losing your edge in your area of business. This means that you must make a point of ensuring that you adopt this Platform-as-a Solution, PaaS offering as soon as you can to make sure that you leverage its potential in harmonizing internal communications and making sure that all the team players of the enterprise speak with one common voice.

In the past, setting up corporate communications digital platform was prohibitively expensive and there was no real way in which smaller corporates such as start-ups could afford it. However, that was then, when digital communication was the preserve of a few players who had to install the solution locally on every single machine across the network. They all used different equipment like players and digital displays and custom-made software that only they could install and troubleshoot in the event of a problem.

Lowered Costs

This entry barrier made many corporates shy away from adopting such digital signage solutions, and the only adoption was by enterprises that used the digital boards for advertising purposes only. Digital advertisement boards were the only widespread uses to which this technology was put through. Now, thanks to access to the service through the internet, it has finally become possible for any player, big or small, to stake their claim to this technology.

The solution offering now starts to under $400, which comprise of access to the software and a single digital media player which can be successfully used across multiple digital signage TV screens, all programmed to display content that is unique from each other. This distributed network structure means that all that you have to invest in is to buy TV screens on which your content will be displayed, and the cost of these LED panels is going down by the day.

Here is a brief look at how business digital signage can be used to make a difference across your enterprise;
  • Increased Conversion – If properly utilized, digital corporate communications can receive a much-needed boost through the strategic use of these displays in providing essential product information to the customer base. If placed strategically at the entrance of your office or the reception, it can give useful information to prospective customers on why your offering is better than the competition.

    You can leverage the digital displays to provide training on how to use your product or service, actually cutting down on the slope of enlightenment that your prospective customers will have to go through before they manage to master your product. The boards can consequently be used to increase conversions, persuading potential clients to take up your solution as a better option, when compared to the rest of the field.

  • Enhanced Experiences – This technology if well employed will not only have the net effect of increasing customer engagement, but it will also go a long way in helping the employees have a sense of allegiance to the firm and brand as a whole. If you keep streaming valuable information to the employees on the inward facing screens, then you can be sure that you will convert the employees into valuable ambassadors of the brand.

    You can build a desirable corporate culture among your employees by boosting their office morale through sharing team photos, charitable initiatives and other positive messaging, which shows the connection between your brand and the community as a whole.

    Additionally, this channel can be useful in communicating the brand vision, mission, key initiatives and new endeavors, which have the beneficial effect of keeping employees informed, fully engaged and in total connection with the organization as a whole.

  • Drive Engagement – Your corporate surely could do with some more engagement, and I am sure that you agree. In this case, digital signage can go a long way in providing for this to happen in the most amazing way possible. This process will help to not only solidify brand identity amongst the employees, but it will spill over to the customers, producing an active engagement spiral.

    Digital displays can, therefore, be useful in delivering a potent mix of messages that builds the brand’s value with informative, interactive, easy-to-identify-with content, which is not only fresh but one that combines content from social media and other internet-based media channels to make for a wholesome and engaging experience.

  • Educate and Inform No other medium has the potential of providing on the job training as a digital display. This means that since these displays can be configured to show a wide variety of content, Pdfs, PowerPoint presentations, HTML files, videos, audio or a mashup of the same in the delivery of educational content.

    One exciting option is to have the training video set up in such a manner that it is uploaded to a particular video channel, say on YouTube and at a certain time of the day all the employees can gather for a period and watch the training video on how to use a specific product. This display will cut down the training time significantly and accelerate the movement of the product from inception to deployment significantly.

  • Improve Efficiencies – This corporate digital media strategy will go a very long way in enhancing efficiencies, which cut across the entire enterprise. It can help in improving decision making across the business since this channel can be used exclusively to communicate new findings and critical information to all employees, whether separated by oceans and mountains, in real-time all over the world.

    This improved and real-time mode of communication will be useful in cutting down the time to market of new products as the development teams say in Singapore, can quickly communicate with the corporate HQs say in New York in a matter of minutes on the product train teams on how to use it and let marketing get on with the job of sales, all within a significantly reduced frame of time.

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