How To Promote Christmas On Digital Signage Screens

Digital Signage during the holiday season is a crucial marketing tactic to increase revenue while giving your customers a joyful shopping experience without pushing the sale.

Promote Christmas on Digital Signage Screens

The holiday season is here, and one of the main highlights will be Christmas. The atmosphere generated by Christmas is unrivaled by any other holiday. If you are a business owner, you may be wondering how to tap into this holiday to push sales. With traditional marketing strategies falling out of favor with shoppers, it is time to shift your focus on to digital marketing tools.

Digital Signage: The Ultimate Holiday Marketing Tool

Everywhere you look digital signboards are strategically placed and for many good reasons. A 2010 study shows that digital media in public areas reaches more people than Facebook and Internet. The 2013 Beacons Report published in the Business Insider says that 63% of individuals have their attention captured by digital signage and digital video reaches 70% of the public.

47% of Americans surveyed in an Arbitron study recall seeing a digital video ad and the content. Of all those surveyed, the larger percentage said digital signage influenced their shopping decisions more than TV advertisements and online advertisements.

Clearly, these numbers highlight the importance of digital signage as the ultimate advertising tool. When shopping for the Christmas holiday, shoppers will be looking for deals and what better way than to convert using this smart marketing tool? With so much competition during this season, you need to capture shoppers' attention and fast. Traditional media including TV advertisements have become obsolete while fliers and other print options are slowly being edged out by digital displays.

Great Tips for Digital Displays during Christmas

While digital displays will crop up everywhere during the holiday season, not all these will meet their objectives. It is not just about a display screen but rather what and how you post your content. Here are some ideas you can try to make your Christmas digital signage campaign successful:

  1. Start Early and in Style
    In 2015, most businesses started Christmas marketing as early as October, and this paid off. To avoid turning off customers who think you are pushing too hard, you need to start early and in particular style. Think of content that focuses on your current products, but also incorporates updates on the future promotions during Christmas. Using such a strategy creates anticipation among shoppers, and the offers will be at the back of their minds even before you fully launch the campaign. A display featuring slides will not overwhelm your consumers early, but they will get the message.

  2. Leverage the Internet
    Social media is the latest marketing platform, and your digital signage must incorporate this element. Think of a campaign where you invite customers to share moments from your store and win prizes and holiday promotions. Make sure you have a presence on social media networks and when you upload new content on these platforms try to let your customers view the same on your digital screens. If you are running a contest on Instagram, let your customers see it on your screens, and you will be amazed how quickly word will spread about the contest and increase brand awareness. Using SimulSignage, the digital signage displays content can be simultaneously be broadcast on your website to reach a wider audience.

  3. Content is King
    It might sound like a cliché, but a lot of marketers are still getting it wrong when it comes to using electronic signage as a marketing tool. Focus on relevant content and update it regularly. Good digital signage software allows you to update videos and moving animations remotely seamlessly. Don't display an offer when the product is out of stock because this turns away prospects. The content you post must blend with your brand and even the décor. In essence, make yourself familiar to the target audience by using colors and images they can relate to your brand and the Christmas holiday spirit. Using Christmas digital signage templates is also an easy way to greet customers and make them feel welcome.

  4. Focus on Interactivity
    Technology is at the core of any digital signage TV screens, and you can push boundaries by incorporating interactivity on your displays. If you are using touchscreen displays, why not go ahead and enable users to search for gifts they like based on different parameters. Using Augmented Reality technology customers can create their Christmas cards, and while they are doing this, your display can bring up pop-up advertisements to inspire customers and increase chances of conversion.

  5. Create Irresistible Displays
    The competition this Christmas will be tougher than last year, and you can expect everyone in your niche to go all out for upsell opportunities. You have to make your offers so unique that customers will find it hard to ignore. Avoid the usual same old ‘sale' signs on your display because this is no longer relevant or competitive. You want to be suave when launching your campaign by building up a story that will captivate viewers. Don't make it feel like your customers are simply coming for a discount but rather a unique shopping experience.

  6. Show your Advantage
    Many other retailers are using digital signage, and you have to convince clients that you are the best. This can easily be done using customer testimonials from the 2015 Christmas shopping. If you have videos showing happy customers from last year's holiday season, use them as part of your display and promise to make this year's joyful experience even more exciting.

  7. Leverage Video Analytics
    If your video display software comes with add-ons, such as cameras, it is time to learn more about your customers. It is now possible to get invaluable information about your clients for better targeting. Personalized messages can be displayed around different groups to motivate them to make a purchase; for example, if a family is at the toys corner, you can quickly show the latest offer, and bet on positive results.

  8. Use Digital signage Inside and Outside
    Most stores, use digital signage outside their stores but customers are disappointed when they can't find any more information about the offers inside. Attracting foot traffic is only one objective of electronic signs. Interior displays can help shoppers by directing them to the right counters or even giving them information about the latest deals. The idea is to guide your customers to the point of sale, and this can only happen if they have the relevant information.

Digital signage this Christmas can help you target a wider customer base than before. If you don't have digital signage screens at your store, contact a reliable provider to capitalize on the feel-good effect during this holiday. From reward programs, bargains, new products to social media mentions digital signage will help improve your sales this Christmas.

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