10 Innovative Ways Realtors Use Digital Signage

Digital signage can be used in the real estate industry by realtors to display current information, make real-time changes, educate prospective clients and build trust.

Realtor Digital Signage

The use of electronic signage has diversified to not only malls, schools, and hospitals, but also in the real estate industry. A realtor's goal is to be the most successful in the business, but this success doesn't come overnight. The competition faced by real estate agents is fierce, and this means that as a realtor, you have to employ the best tools in the game to win.

Flexibility and tech-savviness are a few of the top primary skills needed by realtors. The best digital signage and excellent sales pitches in combination, result in higher sales because they can are used for the following:

  1. Showcasing listings
    Digital signage TV screens are an incredible visual asset used to share information about the current real estate listings handled by your firm. It acts as a virtual directory holding graphics and media from different clients. The PowerPoint type presentation format on a digital display allows multiple properties to be showcased almost instantaneously, which is much more efficient compared to the traditional signage system that shows just a few listings.

    Besides showcasing various properties, digital sign allows you to showcase multiple photos from individual listings. All the different angles of the properties increase the chances of selling because more pictures and information about properties are seen in a short time span.

  2. Instant update to listings
    The traditional model used by realtors was tiring and inefficient especially when one needed to update their current listings.

    Digital signage has revolutionized this and let users quickly update content, which can be viewed instantly. Real estate is an unpredictable business and market where property changes ownership or tenants within the week or month. The capacity to make the appropriate changes immediately ensures that you don't showcase old or misleading information. The digital signage system may be seen as a live stream version of all real estate happenings. New and hot listings can be viewed instantly.

  3. Customer reviews and testimonials
    One of the strongest selling points for products or services is a recommendation, specifically a first-hand advice. Clients are in a better position to purchase a product when they trust that it is right following its recommendation by the previous user.

    By showcasing reviews and testimonials from your past clients, your new customers will quickly trust you and buy/lease the property. User experience makes new customers comfortable with your services, and this also serves as an excellent way to affirm their first impression created by the listings displayed. The electronic sign can be updated, and old testimonials won't be seen running on your screen for too long.

  4. Display of neighborhood trends
    The first thing that property buyers look out for is the neighborhood. To get potential home buyers interested in the homes under your listing, you can opt to display the area. Photos, quotes, tweet, and hashtags about that neighborhood are like a magnet that will pull new potential buyers to your website. Such information is mostly unavailable, and if you make it available to your customers, you may just be the winning real estate agency in town.

  5. House hunting
    Very many people look for houses online. Why not meet these needs by creating a user-friendly online database of homes? Ensure that your database lists the most searched for types of houses. Home buyers and tenants look for this information, and digital signage TVs could be your best way out to make this information readily available.

  6. Showcase your savvy agents
    The comfort of your customers is determined when they first walk into your physical or virtual showroom. Do they feel like they are in good hands? Well, you can make them feel comfortable by displaying photos, bio information, and accomplishments of your best agents on the property listed.

    Putting a face on a property makes it comfortable for a buyer to make the first contact and close a sale. After giving your company a human touch, customers will be impressed on their first walk in.

    The display of the tech- savviness from your team builds trust in the abilities of your firm and the agents. Active social media also keeps customers engaged, and they will be more interested in your properties.

  7. Location specific content
    Real estate is extremely location-based. Your digital signage should also be based on areas. You may decide to allocate neighborhoods for various administrators so that they can create location specific content. Good content in the wrong place defeats the purpose.

    Even with frequent changes in listings, location specific content ensures that there are specificity and accuracy of information. It is, therefore, imperative to consider investing in digital signage software that allows multiple back-end user access. Matching of locations, agents, and the properties will be easier.

  8. News and events notifications
    A great way of engaging with your clients is through communication. The digital signage allows sharing of news, weather and any events or open houses in different locations. Updates from agents' blogs, local news sites, URL and RSS feeds inform your customers. Weather information is critical, and this can form content for news. Marketing news, housing data, and a shift in market pricing can also be shared.

  9. Show content on website
    Using doPublicity's SimulSignage feature to display the same digital signage on your site is an excellent way to expand the visibility of your content. This function will show updated content as and when you make changes or add new information to your display screen.

  10. Building lasting relationships
    A home is a significant and long term purchase. Interactions shouldn't end there, and you can use the built relationship for future recommendations.

    A simple but effective way of building such relationships is by taking a picture handing over the house keys or even photos of the family having fun in their new home. Happy times can be featured on social media where a comment can be highlighted on display. Continuous communication is important in the real estate industry, and use of electronic signage shows that.

In conclusion, realtors use digital signage to build their businesses and to reach more clients. Interactive maps, videos, images, 3D models, and website content are the best way to reach out to your buyers. The displays have software to help build profiles and listings that can be updated remotely ensuring that the right content is shared at all times. To reduce the chances of failure, your signage should be placed in the right place, high quality and realistic content used, reliable service providers contracted, and the hardware with the highest specs used. With everything in its best, then you will have the best displays and more sales.

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