A Case for Digital Signage Why You Should Use Digital Menu Boards For Restaurants and Digital Signage In General

A Case for Digital Signage: Why You Should Use Digital Menu Boards For Restaurants and Digital Signage In General

Even if you do not know what it is called; you must have seen various forms of digital signage all over the place. Digital signage has pervaded modern day advertising and marketing in a most impressive way.

For instance, have you seen thosedigital menu boards for restaurants that have replaced static menu boards? Well, that is a classic example of digital signage.

Now that you are up to speed, this is probably what you need to get your business to the next level. I will venture to assume you have always wanted to get one of these gizmos for your business to catch up with the competition but maybe you have wondered whether it will actually make any real financial difference for your business. I can assure you that it will. How?

  1. Increased sales
    That must have gotten your attention. The intention of every sensible business owner is to increase sales. So how exactly does setting up a digital sign translate into increased sales?
    - Moth to a light theory – Interesting pictures and videos on your digital sign will attract customers like a moth to the light. Humans are visual creatures so this should get their attention.
    - Impulse sales – Much like TV adverts make people buy items they had not planned for, the digital signs will cause your clients to buy more than what they had intended to, or buy items they had not intended to buy at all, because of how good they look on the signs.
  2. Improved customer service
    Now, we all know that happy customers become loyal customers and bring in more customers, which will mean more money for the business. How?
    - ‘Shorter’ waiting times – times flies when you are having fun or distracted with something else. When you set up digital signage, the waiting time will seem shorter because the clients will be preoccupied with the content you have going on the screen.
    - Instant customer care – you cannot always have people on the ground giving direction or information to clients so the digital signage can come in handy. You can have maps to preferred products, information on new products and even an option for instant feedback through these digital signage screens.
  3. Optimized operations
    The cost of operations is one of the highest costs of running a business. You can have this cut down considerably by installing digital signage in your business. At the very least, you will have cut printing costs with regard to posters and flyers and improve communication with staff in various branches through the digital signage network.
    You will also be able to receive instant feedback from clients and make immediate improvements on the products or services that you offer through digital signage. You can be able to make immediate changes on the menu or the sign as circumstances change which is a lot more affordable than printing new posters and flyers.

So as you can see, digital signage offers all round benefits for your business. Your clients will be happy, your operations will be optimized and ultimately (and more importantly), your sales will be on an upward trend. With all these benefits, what exactly are you waiting for?

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