Announcing Birthdays and Anniversaries on Digital Signage Screens

Digital Screens can be used to efficiently display anniversaries, birthdays, and events on particular days within an organization or event.

Announcing Birthdays and Anniversaries on Digital Signage Screens

Digital signage offers many benefits when compared to print media. This is more so when it comes to advertising. Unlike print media, which leads to littering and is less fluid, electronic signage is the opposite. This means you never have to deal with cleanup once the announcement is over. It is for this reason that you should consider announcing birthdays and anniversaries on digital signage screens.

For restaurants and party halls, it is crucial to inform guests of what will the event is. For example, if you will be hosting an anniversary in your party rooms, it pays to let the attendees know where the party will be and at what time. In the past, print media was the best way to go. This is no longer the case today. There are many reasons why using a digital signage screen is the best option when it comes to announcements.

Messages will often be read
The first reason is the fact that the customer will more likely see the message being displayed on the screens. This is assuming that you place the tv signage screens in areas that people frequent, such as the employee lounge, reception area or any area that receives a lot of traffic. All that is needed is to create engaging digital signage content and schedule it out in advance. The animations that accompany these messages will grab the attention of guests even more.

Save time answering questions
Another reason why digital signage is excellent is that it will save your employees time which would otherwise be spent answering questions from guests. It is very easy for people to get lost when searching for the room in which a birthday or anniversary will be taking place. The message on the digital signage screens can be designed in a way that it answers some of the questions that guests may have. For example, it can be made to be interactive so that visitors can interact with the screens to find when and where the party will be.

Can’t be erased
It is important to note that unlike messages written on boards, the message on the screens cannot be deleted by a viewer. This is particularly important if you think about venues that write party information on boards that can be erased off. You will not have to be concerned about individuals erasing the messages intentionally or inadvertently. The person can only delete the message on the screens with access to the remote management computer that is managing the software.

Can display many messages at once
Another significant advantage of using digital signs is that you can post multiple messages at once; this is a great option for restaurants. There is a high likelihood that you will be getting many guests at once. All your information may not fit on a single announcement board; this is where digital signage comes in as a beneficial medium.

Another application of digital signage is that it can be customized to display different messages one at a time, in a loop. For example, the information on an upcoming birthday party can be displayed on the screen for a few seconds followed by that for an anniversary and so on. Being able to post the messages one at a time makes it easy to accommodate all your guests. You can set the duration of how long the message should stay on. What is more, is that interactive touchscreens can be used to enable visitors to scroll through the guest's lists and select the one they are looking for.

Easily make changes to the announcements
Making changes to the digital signage system is much easier than with conventional notice boards. One thing you have to accept is that there is always a chance for errors to be made. For example, the date of the anniversary may be put incorrectly. When using print media, to make the much-needed changes, you will have to reprint the message and replace all the copies; this is not the case with digital signage.

As previously mentioned, all that is needed is access to a computer to edit the content being shown. The administrator will make the changes, and it will reflect on all the screens, as designated. This saves time and money, which would otherwise have been spent making the changes manually and printing new collateral.

Remove announcements when they are no longer relevant
Once the announcement expires, cleanup will be needed. If you had posted flyers around the establishment, you have to go around removing the content and cleaning the area where the flyers were posted. This is a very tedious and time-consuming process. You can save yourself the trouble by deploying digital signage. With this option, once the announcement expires, all you need to do is to remove it from the display screen, merely with a click of a button. You can even schedule the duration in which an individual message should be displayed on your screens.

Control when announcements should be displayed
At times, the reports you show on your screens may not be relevant to the guests. With traditional media, it is not possible to control who sees the messages and who doesn't. The good news is that electronic signage can solve this problem. You can schedule when certain announcements should be displayed and when they should not be seen - thus targeting a particular demographic.

Schedule reports to different screens
You should also note that with digital signage, you can schedule announcements to display on different screens. For example, if you will be having the birthday party on the right side of the hall and an anniversary on the left, you can customize your message so that all birthday party related announcements display on the screens on the right side of the hall and those on anniversaries show on the left. You will not have to use two digital signage systems for this.

The above are just some of the ways in which digital signage can benefit you when using it for announcements. However, for you to achieve the most impact, you should consider using animations. Animations draw the most attention and will make your messages more impactful. You can use video, animation or customize the plain text to move across the screen. The idea is to make your messages as eye-catching as possible.

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