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What Is Digital Signage and How Does It Work?

What is digital signage and how does it work

What is Digital Signage?
Digital Signage is the ability to display customized content on a flat screen TV. Digital Signage is often seen in restaurants where their menu is displayed using pictures, video, and text.

Digital Signage / Digital Menu Boards used to be expensive and unaffordable, but with the recent reduction in prices of TVs and other equipment, it has become affordable and within budgets of even small businesses.

Typical Uses of Digital Signage:
Restaurants – For Menu Boards
Hotels - For displaying Events and Schedules
Corporate/Business – For Schedules, Internal Communications, and Human Resource Messaging
Schools and Universities – Schedules, Events, and General Education
Automotive Dealers and Service/Repair Shops – Promotions, Price Lists, Services
Professionals – Such as Doctors, Fitness Experts, Studios
Retail – Advertising and Promotion of products

What technical skills do I need to use Digital Signage?
This technology is easy to use, and content can be managed easily from any remote location (home or office), without the need for any technical expertise.

At doPublicity, we say “If you can use Facebook and a smartphone, you can easily use our Digital Signage Solution” - It’s just that simple.

What do I need to display Digital Signage on a TV?
doPublicity’s Digital Signage solution comprises a plug and play Media Player and online Content Management System (CMS), which is accessible through our website for easy management – anytime, anywhere and any device (desktop, tablet or phone).

What does a typical Digital Signage setup cost?
A typical consumer grade LED TV can be purchased in the range of $350 to $700, depending on the size and specifications.

In addition to the TV, you would need a Media Player ($150 or $250) and a License (PRO: $150 or SAAS: $249), which would put the cost between $349 and $499, depending on the configuration selected.

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Note: doPublicity does not charge a monthly or annual fee.

What kind of content can we display?
Our solution includes over 1,000 ready-to-use Customizable Templates, where all you have to do is:
  - Select the Template
  - Enter text
  - Upload images
  - Preview and display the content

These templates cover a broad range of applications that include:
  - Digital Menu Boards
  - Live Weather
  - Events
  - Schedules
  - Slideshows
  - Advertising

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In addition, images, video, web pages and scrolling banner can be displayed.

How do I send the content to my TV / update my content?
Once you have reviewed the content online and are ready to display – just add it to the Playlist.

If the Media Player is already setup, it will periodically check for content, download, and schedule for display – you don’t have to do anything.

Similarly, if you make any changes or edits to the content, the Media Player will download the information and display.

Will my content stop showing if I lose internet access?
doPublicity uses a unique display algorithm, all content is downloaded to the Media Player and presented from its local storage – unlike a lot of systems that need to be connected to the internet all the time to display, as they are simply streaming content from a cloud web server.

doPublicity’s unique functionality allows users to place screens in locations where they have poor or no internet access and provides peace of mind, knowing that content will be displayed.

Note: The Media Player needs to be connected to the internet to get updates and display live weather and web pages.

Can I manage multiple screens from 1 desktop?
Yes, you can manage multiple screens from one desktop. You can schedule content in the Playlist using one of 3 options:
  - Send same content to all screens with a single click
  - Set screens in Groups and send content to specific Groups
  - Post content to individually selected displays on the network

What is cloud-based Digital Signage?
Cloud-based Digital Signage systems are basic systems that stream content from a cloud server.

Pitfalls of cloud-based Digital Signage:
  - Require constant internet access – No internet access, No display.
  - Require a monthly or annual fee to be paid to use cloud services.
  - There is a lag time when content is refreshed, as the Media player has to access data over the web – this is more so noticeable when display video and other large files.

Why do some Digital Signage suppliers charge a monthly or annual fee?
Some vendors who provide Cloud based Digital Signage solution charge a monthly or annual fee as they need to cover their cloud server bandwidth cost.

doPublicity does not charge a monthly or an annual fee as there is no recurring cost of data once the content is downloaded to the Media Player and displaying – this is a win-win for all.

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