Keep Your Business Safe; Use Digital Signage for Emergency Preparedness

Communicate emergency messages using digital displays. With the simple click of a button, show emergency messages, maps, alerts and safety instructions in different places on your property and keep your staff and guests safe and informed.

Digital signage is one of the best emergency communication technologies used today. In the event of a crisis, a strategically placed sign and a relevant message can alert you of danger and assist you to get to safety. Digital signage systems meant for emergencies should run messages every minute of the day aimed at disaster preparedness, prevention, response and recovery.

Create prevention campaigns that clearly outline how to respond to specific emergencies and have them running always.

Whereas it is impossible to foresee or prevent some naturally occurring disasters, some disasters such as fires are preventable. If you own a restaurant for instance, you can rotate emergency preparedness messages on your café menu boards along with your menu items.

Use flashy digital signs to clearly indicate fire escape routes, fire extinguisher storage and water hydrant placement.

Create a plan of action, recruit a response team for different emergencies and have clearly marked safety zones.

Response involves rescue and the intention is to ensure survival of victims. Provide alerts on progress and calls for help such as blood donations on the digital signage.

Provide regular updates of ongoing emergencies. Even when the danger has passed, it is important to keep people updated.

Why you should use Digital Displays for Emergency Preparedness
Emergency messaging through digital signage helps you to protect those you are responsible for.

Offices, schools, transportation services, recreational places and health facilities should consider the use of digital displays in emergencies to notify and evacuate people in emergencies. The benefits of digital displays in emergencies are:
 - They give life-saving tips such as how to find shelter or locate the quickest escape route.
 - They give a sense of security to people.
 - They are portable from place to place.
 - They are useful indoors (such as in classrooms) and outdoors (such as in a sports field).
 - They are current and promptly show alert messages from media sources.
 - They stand out and are visible to all.
 - Depending on severity of the situation, different graphics can find use for increased alertness e.g. flashing icon, bold colors or sound.
 - Messages reach recipients quickly.
 - The displays are good for traffic and crowd control during major events.
 - They are reliable when used routinely, as people know they will get useful information from them.
 - They help keep people calm during the emergency.

Examples of Digital Emergency Templates
Installing your own digital system is not costly. You can access a free white label digital signage solution and find templates customized for different emergencies such as:
 - Fire
 - Amber alerts
 - Terrorist situations e.g. bomb threat, terror alert
 - Natural disasters such as: Earth quakes, Tornadoes, floods, blizzards and hurricanes

You have invested time, money and resources in your business or place of work to make it successful. It is therefore important to properly plan and prepare for disaster situations. Most businesses incur huge losses after a disaster and are not able to reopen.

You can protect your business by pinpointing the risks associated with natural and man-made disasters, and creating a plan of action should a disaster strike.

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