How is Digital Signage Helpful?

Digital Signage is now common place in a lot of business as its is a low cost and easy to use marketing solution

The advertising world is flooding customers with numerous diverse messages and consequently causing brand blindness, which makes product differentiation almost impossible. There are multiple brands for each product, competing for the customer’s attention and having an effect of all sounding the same. The attention span of an average consumer is barely a few seconds and viewers tend to forget advertisements easily, largely due to sensory overload and a negative response to constant pounding by commercials. Though it may sound counter intuitive, it is a good idea to use in store digital signage to replay these commercials at the point of sale; as a reminder of the products availability. This has an effect of acting as a reminder to the customer, who are more likely to purchase, by taking a spontaneous favorable decision.

Since the display of a digital signage screen is generated with a computer, it could be used the same way as a computer screen. Consequently, businesses have the option of displaying anything they could show on a computer screen using a digital signage display, which explains the versatility of this medium. When businesses need to give a message to a large audience, using a large digital signage screen or displaying using a projector is a fantastic idea.

In instances when a message needs to be conveyed to a dispersed audience, it is best to install a number of screens at regular intervals for maximum visibility and an attention grabbing effect. Once the screens are installed, they can all be connected to a single PC using a video splitter in conjunction with a video extender (for displaying over larger distances), which in effect will set all the screens to show the same information simultaneously. In addition, this digital signage content can be updated in real-time using a remotely managed digital signage solution.

A network of digital signage screens could also be used for profitably displaying content by allowing them to be used for advertising when it is not used for internal communication messages. They are a particularly good medium for advertising as the possibility is there to display messages using images, videos, customizable templates and web sites. Often large super markets and stores use these displays for brand building purposes and promoting new products.

Modern developments have paved the way for public to communicate with these large screens through blue tooth technology making them interactive. The possibility is there to send text messages in answer to questions and also as comments. This interactivity is also used a metric to determine the effectiveness of the digital signage message. There is also the possibility to limit interactivity to specific locations with the aim of identifying audience reactions and traffic patterns, especially during test marketing of new products. Local communities are able to send Twitter messages, as well as Flickr messages to their local screens.

These are just a few ways that digital signage could be useful. Since digital signage software technology is still improving, the possibility is there to augment this technology to get more benefits from it.
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