How to Educate Customers at Hardware Stores using Digital Signage

Digital Signage in stores can be used to raise brand awareness, share testimonials and recommendations, enhance store environment and provide expert advice on demand.

How to Educate Customers at Hardware Stores using Digital Signage

Hardware stores consider the use of digital signage for its immediate impact on sales. As a matter of fact, approximately 74% of retailers in the United States alone believe that creating an engaging in-store customer experience is critical to the success of their business. This is because of its ability to impact the impression of a shopper to a brand. What is more is that when combined with other Internet-connected devices, the scope of how electronic signage can improve a store is limitless.

One of the ways retailers should consider using digital signage is by educating their customers. This is even more important in a hardware store. By using digital signs to educate customers, you will be able to drive more traffic to your store, save on printing costs, help with branding, engage clients and do so much more. So, how exactly do you use electronic signage TV screens to educate your customers? Below are some of the things you should consider doing.

Raise brand awareness
The greatest thing about a digital sign is that it can be used to complement the current merchandising and marketing strategies. This will help enhance the shopping experience of customers; help build customer loyalty as well as increase sales. According to a recent study by Cisco IBSG, more than 40% of shoppers said that digital signage displays like video walls could change what they end up buying. In educating customers, you can use digital signage to provide the information that is relevant to your audience. By making this information available at the point of purchase, you will be able to achieve sales uplift and generate higher brand awareness.

Simply put, digital signage screens offer unique opportunities for you to promote your brands or products from third-parties. The option enables you to reach the target customers at a retail level. Digital signage provides a great way for retailers to reach their customers directly and closer to the customers’ decision point.

Provide expert advice on demand
At times, all clients need to make a choice is a little guidance. Signage TV screens in a hardware store can be used to influence the choices that customers make. This can be done by providing expert advice on demand.

Thanks to digital signage, you can provide your customers with a face-to-face consultation with subject experts through voice, video, and online screen sharing. The expert does not need to be live. You can have pre-recorded videos from experts answering ‘frequently asked questions’ about an individual product. The customers can then select the video they want to watch on an interactive digital signage screen. By so this, you will be able to improve customer service in the store as well as capture new business without the need of hiring full-time experts for your hardware stores.

Enhance store environment
Although you may have experienced sales people to attend to your customers, the support they offer may never be entirely sufficient. This is because it is hard to find an expert who is adept in every product that is in your store. At times, the staff doesn't have access to the research materials for tools on the sales floor. What is more, is that due to the payroll pressures, it will be impossible to hire as many workers as you need to offer expert advice and consultative assistance? This is where digital signage comes in.

The use of electronic signage can help enhance the store environment. With the right content, you will be able to build brand value in the store by improving the shopping experience of customers. This can be achieved in different ways among them:

  • Boost customer service by making it easy for customers to find locations in the stores like customer assistance desks, departments, and testing areas.

  • Entertain customers while they wait in line so as to reduce the perceived wait time.

  • Enhance your store ambiance.

  • Deliver content that is tailored to the client demographics.

Improve the marketing effectiveness
Still, on educating customers, you can improve merchandising, advertising and promotional effectiveness simply by providing relevant content straight to the point where customers make their purchase decisions. For example, if customers are in the wrenches section, you can have a screen here that gives advice on how to buy the best wrenches as well as to give recommendations on the best brands. This will impact the decisions they end up making.

Display how-to on assembling or using tools
Another good way you can use digital signs is to educate your customers is by featuring how-to content. This can be in the form of videos or text. Most shoppers do not know how to assemble most of the things they purchase in the hardware stores. Providing instructional videos in the store will be of great help. You can have videos on how to assemble some of the most sophisticated tools or advice on how to use and store the equipment. By doing this, you will save your employees time, which would otherwise have been spent educating customers.

Feature FAQs
You have questions that the clients ask you time and again. One way of dealing with these problems is creating content that gives answers to the FAQs. By providing this, you will not only educate your customers but also save time.

Share testimonials
When shopping, the only thing customers need the most is someone to point them in the right direction. Featuring testimonials from happy clients and displaying them in relevant areas in the store will help compel customers to make decisions faster. This is important when considering that the decision of most shoppers is based on the recommendations of other people.

Feature recommendations
You can also use digital signage to highlight your recommendations. This will help direct the attention of customers to where you want them to look.

A lot can be done with digital signage when it comes to educating your customers. All you need to do is to create the right content and display it at the most convenient locations in your hardware store.

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