How does Digital Signage help me?

Digital Signage educates customers about products and services.

- Digital signage is one of the fastest growing communication media today
- Allows brands to talk directly to a responsive captive audience
- Up-to 60% of purchase decisions are made at PoS (Point of Sale)

Digital signage's help push customers to the final step of completing a purchase
AC Nielsen shows “… the average recall of a brand advertised digital signage TV is 66%, compared with 24% for brands advertised on in-home television.”
– Source: “Wal-Mart Adds In-Store TV Sets, Lifts Advertising, Wall Street Journal

The Advantages:
Low Cost – High Visibility
Cost comparable to internet and website advertising
Low maintenance and upkeep

Possibility of uploading specific advertising to individual screens; content may be regionalized and focused towards specific target groups

Uploads through wireless or fixed line broadband internet; advertisements are downloaded at screen start
Online templates make creating a campaign simple and functional
Instant online campaign reporting; ease of oversight

Point of Communication
Visually Appealing – draws attention
Pushes last mile recall during purchase decision making
Highly adaptable and configurable to suit all environments
Support or replace physical PoS merchandizing

Excellent revenue stream – provide advertising space to third party advertisers interested in boosting their product sales or creating brand awareness
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