4 Reasons Hospitals Need Digital Signage

Hospitals have tons of information that need to be shared with staff, patients and visitors and digital signage is the most cost-effective way to do this.

4 Reasons Hospitals Need Digital Signage

In any hospital, at any given time of the day, there is so much happening. These entities run for 24 hours around the clock, and there is almost always a lot of noise and a lot of information that needs to be provided to different people. To take care of this, hospitals are usually equipped with large speakers so that announcements can be made in a way that will grab the attention of those who need to be alerted, for whatever reason.

However, a public address system is not enough to communicate effectively. Visual messaging is also an excellent strategy to provide patients, doctors, and visitors with relevant information. Digital signs are some of the best sources out there that offer visual images, directories, schedules, and events. For the past few years, they have been steadily growing in popularity and are now in use within several industries that have seen the significant benefits that these tools provide. The health industry should not be left out. The benefits that are offered by these solutions can be applied to health care and integrated into hospital facilities to maximize efficiency.

Areas where digital signage can be used in hospitals

There is an extensive list of ideas for material that you can display on your digital screens. Within the hospital, there is so much information that needs to be shared, and over the years there have been many missed opportunities to deliver these messages to the relevant parties. These display signs are some of the best communicative tools, and it also helps that they are so captivating that it will more than likely reach its target audience effectively. Here are some ideas of information that you can share and use with your digital signs.

Introduce the hospital’s outstanding members

There is an entire team that helps to make up the hospital board and staff. It is good to allow patients and visitors to be familiar with the organization because it contributes to building trust and reliability. A hospital serves a significant purpose. We visit to improve our health and preserve our lives. Therefore once you depend on that establishment to get treated or tested, then you are putting your lives into the hands of those who operate within it to provide these services. This is why it is good to see images or even videos showing these persons who are calling the shots and providing guidance and care. Being able to see them will give patients a sense of ease. What better way to show this but on a digital screen with incredible resolution. The good thing about digital signage is that it makes the information easier to share and consume.

Advise the public about healthy practices

Many of the patients who are entering a hospital might be there because of unhealthy practices or ignorance to positive health choices. Whether they are aware of their contribution to their illness or not, giving health tips is always beneficial. A hospital just happens to be the perfect place to provide persons with these valuable tips. The hospitals’ primary concern is to help individuals to be healthy and live long fruitful lives.

Most persons are not eager to be in the position to have to be treated for illnesses. Consequently, a patient might be more interested to read or watch any materials that will help to keep them healthy so that they do not have to return. Digital signs can help the hospital to create engaging images that will grab and hold the attention of those who are seeing it. Visual imagery is critical in having this information received by its viewers because it makes the info more engaging and memorable.

Sharing relevant news

There is always something important health wise that needs to be shared with the public. When there is a disease outbreak, or it is a season where certain illnesses are common the public needs to be fully equipped with adequate information to lessen the number of persons who end up suffering. The hospital must embark on the very responsible task of sharing the information so that people will stay informed and vigilant to protect themselves. A health establishment is one of the most reliable places to get this information, and as a matter of fact, most people are more likely to take it seriously when they are told in the hospital.

Using the signs to portray this information in an engaging way will help to instill awareness in visitors to protect themselves or prepare for any possible health issues in the near future. Compelling imagery is always a good way to communicate and inspire action. Other news that can be shared will include developments within the world related to the industry or any recent significant event that is centered on a health-related topic.

Announcements for the hospital

The hospital will always have initiatives and activities that it takes part in. However, patients and visitors usually have very few mediums through which this information is communicated to them. Digital signage will finally aid the establishment to raise awareness and catch the eye of many persons who would not normally have been exposed to such information before. Hospitals sometimes have charity centered events and other affairs that they want to share with the general public. Thankfully digital signs are the best and some of the most effective ways to do this.

Information about the entity and what they offer

Usually, hospitals have a rich or an interesting history. There is typically so much that went into the inception of the establishment, and so many historical events that it might have been a part of that would spark people’s interests. You can use electronic signage to teach individuals about the entity and its history, its initiatives, its surroundings and its goals.

Digital signs are great storytelling mediums that can portray stories that stick with the viewer. Knowledge about these things is not only interesting but it is also important. It gives visitors an insight into the establishment, and this is something that is valuable especially for patients who consider the hospital to be their primary place of visit when they are unwell. As a recurring customer, the least they can get is a full understanding of the establishment. Being able to connect with the hospital’s growth and progression will help to foster a sense of community.

Reasons why digital signage is needed

Considering all the information that you can use digital signs to share, these tools will be nothing less of a great asset to the hospital’s surroundings. As a matter of fact, they are needed on the facility for it to be run as efficiently as it can, especially in today’s world where people are more drawn to technologically driven solutions. Here are some compelling reasons why these signs need to be integrated into the hospital’s surroundings:

Hospital wait times are exhausting

There are a few places that we find ourselves that we know will lead to us having to wait in lines for long hours. Hospitals are one of these locations. Hospital wait times can be daunting. Usually, you are waiting within a large crowd of people, and you sit and watch as they go by wondering when you will be called. Sometimes some emergencies might be given precedence over your issue which forces you to wait even longer than anticipated. The truth is, whether it is a small or a large medical facility, long, hourly waiting comes with the territory.

Hospitals will do well with a good way to entertain the visitors with interesting and captivating visual images and video. When a visitor is watching whatever comes up on the screen it allows time to pass by without noticing and it removes some of the anxiety and impatience that a patient might have while waiting their turn or a friend or family member may spend waiting on someone.

Effective communication among employees

Hospital employees have to be some of the busiest workers out there in any field. Hospitals are always packed with activity, and so employees are almost always on their feet unless their job allows them to sit down. Another part of their job is the constant receiving and sharing of information that is important for them to carry out their duties. Hospitals run on efficient exchange of information. The wrong information may very well cost a life, and this needs to be avoided at all costs. Within the hospitals, doctors need to know if they are required at specific rooms or what patients they need to work with. They also need to be alerted if there is an emergency that needs to be tended to immediately. An effective way to share this is to have large screens that lay this information out so that there can be a quick response. Digital signs are easy to read, and they are more likely to catch the eye. Therefore if and when they are used to portray information, it will be quickly picked up. Place digital signs at the most strategic locations. These sites should be the main areas where it is expected that information will need to be shared. If you do this in a smart way, it will help to foster efficient operations within the entity.


Hospitals have things that they need to advertise too. They may want to promote the primary services that they offer and give information as to when these services are provided and any valuable information that will guide persons who are interested in these services. Additionally, many hospitals have active partnerships with sponsors who utilize the entity’s platform as a premier healthcare unit; to reach customers for health-related products or services. The hospitals typically use these products and help to expose their patients to it.

Whether it be a health insurance scheme or a particular pharmacy that they work very closely with, these entities are pushed by the hospital through advertising efforts. It goes without saying that digital signs are some of the most effective advertising mediums out there and so advertisements are sure to be effective when you use them. The company or entity that works with the hospital can choose to use the digital spaces to run their ads or show compelling content that illustrates their service or product.

Wayfinding - Directions to other parts of the hospital

Hospitals big or small will always have several different areas that take care of various aspects of the healthcare experience. For example, you might have the radiology unit that is located at one end of the establishment and then you would have the intensive care unit and emergency areas which are found somewhere else. What does this mean? Well, because of this it is common practice for those entering the facility for the first time to be running around trying to find their way to wherever they need to be. Even those who might be familiar with the environment might not know where to locate every one of the areas. This can also be a very frustrating ordeal.

Nothing helps to make this better than a map outlining the different areas of the compound. A digital map that is at the entrance of the business is easily identifiable and will surely help to prevent a host of visitors from being confused and having to ask too many questions. Persons should not be lost when they enter the hospital as this would mean that there is an inadequacy in the running of the facilities.

The Bottom Line

Hospitals need to have tools that are used to communicate information effectively. Information is one of the things that keep a hospital afloat. Information ties into the nature of the establishment and is beneficial for patients, doctors and everyone else that is connected to the entity. Considering this, they might need to have the best of the best where communication tools are concerned. These digital signs are the best solutions out there and will make information dissemination a lot more fun and a lot less hectic.

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