15 Ways Digital Menu Boards Improve Productivity For Businesses

Digital menu boards directly improve restaurant profitability as they lower costs of operation while providing attractive ambiance enhancing TV menus that are well accepted by customers.

Digital Menu Boards showing TV Menus

The hospitality industry has received a huge boost when it comes to the display of their services and food menus to customers. In the past, the hotel owners used to write their menu physically, which was very inconvenient, especially when they were planning to add another food item on the menu. The topics below are the various ways in which digital menu boards can improve productivity for your business.

Great pictures

The digital signage medium is designed for showing images and video. It is believed that images have a more significant impact in compelling the customers to procure any product. The pictures shown on the digital display TV screen are very clear, and look real. In the restaurant, the images of servings will make people visualize about them. This visualization is what makes them become your customers.

Easily visible

The clients that are interested in eating at your restaurant will have the best view of the foods you are offering when using electronic signage display screens. These tv menus could show a slideshow of images and familiar names of the foods, from which customers will be able to make their choices quickly. The visibility of the digital signage is very high. This noticeability is due to the clarity of the images and words. Which in turn boosts its presence.

Advertisements of offers

The suggestions you make to your customers are what prompt them to remain loyal to your business. Without giving them these offers, they will easily opt for other firms. Lack of loyalty will lead to an loss of prospective loyal clients. For this reason, alone, you will never want any of your clients to miss your offerings. Electronic signage is the best medium to advertise multiple attractive offers, which will ensure that everyone sees them.

Good for crowds

When your restaurant has managed to attract huge crowds, it will become difficult to serve them with menus individually, which could lead to delays and cause frustration among the customers. Digital menu boards are useful in handling crowds in a restaurant, as regardless of the number of people in the eatery, everyone will be able to view the foods on the screen and order comfortably.

Customer acceptance

Several eateries have adopted the usage of TV menus, and the response of their clients is fantastic. The customers tend to prefer the digital menu board displays over the traditional methods of using chalkboard menus. Customers find it more convenient for them as they can see pictures of the food they ar planning to order. These electronic TVscreens are also more conspicuous than the conventional menu boards, as their menu board content is eye-catching.

Low workforce

Whenever the customer traffic increases in a restaurant, it is essential to employ more attendants. The owners of restaurants need people who will attend to clients to inform patrons of the available food choices and serve them. With digital menu boards, the clienteles do not require an attendant to tell them about the available food options. Eliminating the process of providing menus to individual customers has reduced the labor costs of the eateries and at the same time saved on printing costs to menus.

Excellent customer management

Customers visiting the restaurant always expect to obtain the finest services. A restaurant that is capable of offering quality service will attract more customers. Digital menu boards in the eateries have improved the rate of service delivery and efficiency. The turnaround time for serving multiple clients can be reduced as the time for decision making by customers is substantially lower, as they can clearly see their options and decide fast.

Easy update

Updating the menus made manually is very costly since they are rigid and have limitations of space. The managers of the restaurant are forced to print other copies of the menus, which is a waste of money. The TV menus have enabled the restaurant managers to save money on these changes by eliminating repeat costs associated with printing and waiting for revised versions of their new menus. Updating the digital menu board on the electronic signage screen is very easy and is done from the comfort of your home, office or even on the road, using a phone, tablet or computer.


Dayparting is the ability to display different items on different days of the week or even different hours of the day. Typical usage for this would be to show breakfast, lunch and dinner menus that will change based on the time of the day. Some restaurants who have daily specials and separate menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner can program a unique menu for each day of the week, which will change automatically without any input from the store manager. This function is almost non-existent in conventional menu boards due to which eateries are compelled to display their entire menu on the wall, even if the food item is not being served.

Cost effective

Setting up the digital display may be slightly more expensive initially but maintaining and running it will be less costly over the long term. You will not need to incur any expenses to make changes to the digital signage content which you are displaying on the TV menus. You have the ability to create your menu board content within minutes of setting up your online Remote Management Dashboard, from where you can design content and schedule playlists. Operating this system is also very easy. It is not necessary to contract a specialist to run it.

Adoption of new technology

Technology is very vital in increasing the rate of production and efficiency in various industries. In the hospitality industry, the introduction of digital menu boards has made marketing effectual. Many restaurants are now adopting the use of digital signage to gain a competitive advantage as restaurant TV menu board technology boosts revenue generation in your business, besides adding to the ambiance and overall presentation of your eatery.

Instant responses

You can use this screen to get instant responses and reviews from the customers. By placing your contacts on the screen, the customers can share their ideas and make their complaints known to you. The ability of clients to connect with your business gives you feedback for improvement and an opportunity to consider implementing some of their views. You can act on their grievances fast to eliminate them, which will culminate in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Displays a variety of foods

The use of boards to advertise available menu items to the customers was very limited. Not every customer knows the name of the food items served in the restaurant. The board would keep off many customers since it lacked the ability to show images of the foods available. However, the electronic TV menus not only displays the name of the food items but shows their images as well

Trigger Appetite

Images have the power to capture the minds of the customers and convince them to order a particular food item. Just by viewing the eye-catching pictures of food, it will trigger their subconscious thoughts and create a desire to consume it. Whenever the customer acts on these desires, the eatery will be generating more sales. Increasing sales by suggestive marketing with images is a significant benefit of having a digital menu board in your eatery.

Conveying information

To retain your customers, you should learn to share information about your business with them. Giving them a platform to share concepts will make them feel like they are welcome to your establishment. All this information could be displayed on the digital menu board screen. Since the customers rely on the TV menus to view the food items list, you will be assured they will see the information.

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