8 Ways That Human Resource Management Can Benefit from Digital Signage

Digital signage is a great way of getting a message across to several employees within a company; this is also known as internal communication. Some of the benefits include boosting employee morale, real-time alerts, increasing productivity, and providing a sense of ownership.

Human Resource Management Digital Signage

Many times when we think of digital signage, we tend to think of it as customer oriented. You can, however, use digital signage within the company as a tool for your employees. Digital Signage is an ideal way to quickly and accurately broadcast information since the format you use is meant to grab the attention of anyone who sees the dynamic screen. Digital signage can be used in a variety of ways where human resources are concerned, as follows:

  1. Update your employees - With the use of digital signage, one of the conditions you have to be aware of is that you need to ensure a stream of fresh content if you want your personnel to pay attention to the screens. Vital information in the corporate environment should come consistently. Sometimes, this would be information or news about the company, other times it could be safety information, traffic or weather alerts and the like. You can use a dynamic digital signage solution to manage internal corporate communication as your company sees fit and ensure vital information is passed on to your employees in a timely fashion.

    In addition to passing on daily information within the business, you can also set up the signage screen to display real-time information that is pertinent to the company. Some examples include, but are not limited to putting up reminders regarding various deadlines, changes in benefits, changes in departmental and company Key Performance Indicators and the like. You can deliver the said messages in an eye-catching way so that your employees will pay attention to them.

  2. Staff Motivation - It is a known fact that boosting an employees' morale leads to a more productive environment during the work day. On the other end of the spectrum, when morale is low, day to day challenges can become overwhelming for employees. A digital signage platform is an ideal place to share information which can motivate the team. You can share positive reviews and tweets from various clients or even highlight some of the team members achievements. The results may include completed certifications, personal milestones or signing on a large customer. All this information will go a long way in making your employees feel valued, thus motivating them.

  3. Increase employee retention - Most HR departments know that retaining good employees can be a major concern. If you can get them to stay, you save on recruitment costs and create stability and continuity. Using your digital signage, you can create a supportive culture that gives everyone a sense of ownership. Once they feel that they are part of something noble, you will enhance company loyalty and thus retention rates.

  4. Improve corporate culture - You want to ensure the messaging within your digital signage attributes to a cohesive corporate culture. You can use the screens to display the company's mission statement, values, and vision. You can also use it to communicate the big picture so that each person can understand how they play a part in the business’s growth. Transparency is essential as well; therefore you want to make sure to disseminate information that will keep all team members in the know of what is going on.

  5. Avoid micromanaging - One of the things that set back employees is being micromanaged. Employees tend to disconnect from the company culture of the company and feel no sense of ownership where their work is concerned if they are being micromanaged. With the proper use of digital signage, you can step back as a manager and allow the screen to send reminders as well as deadlines on your behalf. Not only will your employees get the message, but they will feel as though they did it without your help.

  6. Building relationships - Fostering a personal relationship with employees is something that is overlooked by a lot of companies. Many times, keeping employees at arm's length can lead to a feeling of distrust, which breaks team cohesion. You can now share information regarding the various people working in the company. If you have a multicultural setting, it is an excellent idea to share fun facts about that culture as well as some of their recognized holidays. Additionally, you may decide to share interests or some of the things that people do as a hobby on their time off.

    Once you know the personal interests of those working with, and for you, you can then display some relevant information. If you have people who love to cook, you can show some of their favorite recipes or upcoming food festivals and build employee comradery. If you have a division in another country, for example, you can display some fun facts about that particular country and culture.

  7. Personal development - It is important that you keep providing opportunities for personal growth in the workplace. Using digital signage, you can advertise any training that is coming up, certification opportunities, various resources and tools available to the team and more. You can get a little creative with this and display quizzes that employees can participate in. It might also be an excellent idea to use QR codes to advertise information about online training programs and web pages that you would like them to research further.

  8. Balancing life and work - In the past, most people lived to work, but today, there is a push towards balancing work and life. Additionally, you don't want your team members burning out, so share a variety of activities and events that interest them, outside of work-oriented information. If you have a gym in your organization, be sure to advertise this and offer some promotional specials as well. This may also be applied to an on-site daycare or any other perks that may be available to them.

    You may also make it personal and include holiday parties, baby showers, food trucks at lunch time and more. Encourage your employees to relax when they get home, to take their time off and to enjoy some 'me time'.

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