Lets Talk Design: Using Critical Design Elements in Your Digital Signage Templates and Content for Effective Engagement

Lets Talk Design: Using Critical Design Elements in Your Digital Signage Templates and Content for Effective Engagement

When you think about digital signage, design is a critical element for the overall success of your digital signage campaign.You need to think about the digital signage templates, content and on how these will tie in with your brand in order to run a successful campaign.

Why? Well, because both the message and the design are critical in reaching your target audience. Design is where form and function meet so that if your design is off, your message will not get through to your audience or at best, it will not be as impacting as you intended for it to be.

So what are these design elements that we need to think about with regard to digital signage?

  1. Content
    You need to put up content that is relevant to your target audience in order to keep them interested. You will need to put a healthy mix of information about your business and information about other things happening currently in your target audience’s world e.g. weather, local news and the like.
    Whatever you do, do not be monotonous but also do not put too much ‘other’ stuff that you forget to put up information about your business.
  2. Something new
    Make sure to update the content on your digital signage as often as possible to keep things interesting. It could be as simple as re-arranging what you already have to create something that looks new or actually uploading new content to your digital signage network.
    Maintain the same template and the same information will have people losing interest in your screen and that could potentially result in a loss of sales revenue for your business.
  3. Keep it moving
    The intention of digital signage is to catch your target audience’s attention and maintain it while getting your message across. One of the ways you can achieve this is by adding some motion to the various elements on the screen. You can add an animation or a video clip or anything that has any kind of movement in it to keep the target audience looking.
  4. Short and sweet
    Along with motion pictures, try to keep your content as concise as possible. Long sentences or long clips will make the audience lose interest. Anything more than ten seconds long is already too long.
    Think of what you want to say in a nutshell and find a brief and concise way of saying it so that you get your message through without losing your target audience.
  5. Talk back
    Perhaps one of the best things you can do for your business with regard to your digital signage is to create a way for your target audience to talk back to you about your products and services.
    You can do this by clearly informing them on how they can respond to your content or what action they can take to learn more about you and your business. This way, you will be able to get quick feedback regarding your business and make necessary improvements in order to increase sales.

What you put out there is as important as how you put it out there so take care of your design elements in order to run a successful digital signage.


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