Affordable Digital Signage under $699

Setting up a complete digital signage display including TV, computer and software for under $699

Digital Signage is a technology that has been around for a few years and has been used by large businesses to promote their products and services. These Digital Signage setups have typically involved installing large flat screen LED, LCD or Plasma televisions connected to a computer or server. In addition, these large businesses have hired professional graphic designers to create and manage their digital signage content at considerable expense. These networks of screens are visible in most retail stores, banks, restaurants and other places of business.

doPublicity Digital Signage now offers an entry level software solution for small businesses starting at a one-time cost of $99, which can be used installed on any Windows PC connected to a standard TV to generate digital signage content for promotion of products and services. This effectively means that a business could have a digital signage setup operating for under $699.

Thanks to falling prices of televisions, computers and the emergence of easy to use software solutions, Digital signage is no more limited to large businesses and in fact, has now become so inexpensive that even small businesses can now afford to install a digital sign solution, to promote their business. Virtually all businesses have a product or service to sell and almost always have a captive audience who can be targeted. These audiences are predisposed to receiving these marketing messages, as they are already in the place of business where the service is being offered and are in the position to make a spontaneous decision based on the marketing message being promoted on the digital signage screen. Marketing a product to this captive audience need not be an expensive proposition, as all it takes is a TV, a Computer and a Digital Signage Software. This can be setup easily using conventional televisions and computers that can be purchased fairly economically at any home electronic store such as Best Buy, Costco, Walmart and Target.

An important decision in making this work successfully is the selection of an appropriate software solution that will deliver these marketing messages repeatedly and at a low operating cost. The digital signage software must have the capability of independently allowing the screen owner to easily manage all content, playlist and screen settings without having to hire a professional to manage this for them. The secret to this is to buy software that is customer friendly and at the same time delivers a quality that meets the business’s marketing goals. Typically, the software must include the ability to create content on demand and schedule the playlist based on the business’s work schedule and display requirements; such as having breakfast, lunch and dinner or happy hour menus for each day of the week. In addition, the software must be capable of running independently by turning the display on or off depending on the locations work hours, which will save electricity costs and extend screen life.

Based on current cost estimates of hardware and software, businesses can easily setup a digital signage display for under $699.

Estimate for 32” Digital Signage Display:
- 32” Television: $300
- Windows PC: $300
- Digital Signage Software: $99

Using a larger television will add to the marketing message impact and the incremental cost is relatively low. Using a 42” TV instead of 32” will increase the cost by approximately $200, but improve the message delivery exponentially. In situations where the viewers are distributed over a larger area, adding additional televisions and distributing content using a video splitter will further reduce the cost of setup per viewer. To further improve the digital signage display, the business could use a software solution that comes bundled with customizable templates that allow screen owners to setup content by simply adding images and text to the template. These templates are designed for use by most businesses and are typically available in an assortment of colors and styles.
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