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Reap the rewards of digital signage! Gain revenue from brands looking to advertise on your digital signage boards. Contact doPublicity to learn more.

YES. Your Digital Signage network could bring you revenue. In numerous instances, our clients contract to host advertising content for their vendors, third parties or neighboring businesses on the Digital Signage network they own. For a monthly consideration advertising may be run on screen/s at your place of business.

Example: In the case of retail and restaurants, brands would gladly pay, to push their products within your premises. The best way to maximize revenues is of course to showcase your own products and in the process increase your own revenue.

Using doPublicity Signage Templates, Content can be created economically within minutes and start generating recurring revenue.

Available Templates:
- Auto Sales / Service / Repairs / Insurance
- Furniture, Interior Design
- General Purpose
- Dentist
- Veterinary doctor
- Cell phone, Communication
- Hair Salon, Laser Treatment, Spa, Beauty
- Realtor, Mortgage, Finance
- Restaurant, Bar, Bistro, Fast food
- Retail, Clothing, Footwear, etc.
- Travel, Holidays, Vacation, Cruise
and many more other options

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