Thanksgiving Promotions using Digital Signage Screens!

Thanksgiving holidays and sales are an important time of year for businesses. These holidays are perfect for promoting products and services using digital signage, as this is the most appropriate medium due to it's flexible and customizable nature.

Thanksgiving Promotions using Digital Signage Screens

Happy Thanksgiving! As a business owner, this season should be more profitable than previous years! Get up and maximize the festive spirit to exceed your profit margins. After reading this article, you will learn useful tips on how you can make your plan come to fruition through increased business sales.

Welcome to the world of digital signage, the art, and technology that magically gravitates customers to your product or service. You will be amazed at how this form of advertisement can be very affordable, with not having to accrue any monthly or annual costs! Moreover, you can select the suitable signage screen for you within your budget and goals.

One of the most appreciated aspects of digital signage displays is their adaptability to space. Screens barely take up any space, since they can be installed on a wall at eye length to serve their purpose. Therefore, you can still enjoy its benefits in a small or large store.

Digital signage screens have proven to be much better than the other modes of marketing like emails, telemarketing, and posters. The graphics, colors and motion of the screens attract the attention of all viewers and people walking by; hence the message cuts across very well and bears good results. The screens inform and educate in an exciting way, which then motivates and persuades the prospective client to buy your product.

Although the screens come with tremendous benefits, it may take a bit of time for you to learn the ropes of utilizing this technology to the maximum. Read on to get some advice on how you can go about their operation for promoting Thanksgiving on digital signage screens.

Have a strategy
Digital signage screens can offer you maximum results if you direct them on how to serve you. Find a good provider who will walk you through installation, operation and even in times of upgrading the system. You should not be disadvantaged for not being a technically savvy person, as this technology can be easily managed with limited technical and design skills.

It will do you good to delegate responsibilities as a business leader so that the screens do not add another task to your already full list of responsibilities. You can appoint a member of your staff to be in charge of the screen’s operations and upgrading, as you enjoy the benefits of this excellent service!

What to buy: A regular TV set or a commercial grade display?
You will not experience the long processes involved in the tThis is the first decision you will need to make as you start contemplating on purchasing a digital signage screen this Thanksgiving. This is dependent on your business needs. However, it is highly advised for companies to buy the commercial grade displays for maximum efficiency. These serve well in the busy business environment since they have a longer lifespan and are easy to maintain. Other benefits that commercial grade displays include:

  • Anti-glare glass - This protects them from sun rays, which can cause damage to screens that are not protected.

  • Brighter display - Since most businesses operate more in the daytime; there is a need to have a screen that will still show clear pictures in the bright sun. Commercial grade sets have enough brightness intensity for this purpose.

  • Longer hours of operation - You will not need to worry about overworking the machine with commercial-grade displays. They have been made to withstand the test of time for businesses that run 24/7.

  • Longer Warranty - The warranty for standard TV sets is around one year. The commercial ones usually come with 3-years warranty. Better still, you can select a provider that offers unit-exchangeable service. This way, you will save on inconvenience, time and logistics when the screen(s) stop running. The provider can arrange for new shipment before your screens succumb to the test of time.

  • Automatic operation - Commercial sets usually come with automatic power management through inbuilt light sensors. They have excellent functions for environmental adaptation.

How big is too big and how far is too far?
Get guidance from the signage experts you contract on where to install the screens. The positioning has a direct relationship with how the picture quality will be displayed or if the message will be seen at all. The visibility of the screen is dependent on the resolution and definitely, the screen size. Weigh your factors, like the focal point of the shop and the purpose of the display. The screen can be placed more than a dozen feet away if it is a large wall screen, or if it is a high-resolution desktop screen.

Choose latest resolution types
FHD has been the preferred resolution type for a couple of years, but you should now consider UHD resolution over FHD. With UHD, you can attain four times more resolution than FHD this Thanksgiving.

Location, location, location!
The screen is there for people to see; better still for it to be the first thing your customers notice when they get to your shop. The screen can also be installed in intentional places like where customers will queue. This way, you will be sure that everyone will have an enjoyable experience from the exciting content of your screen(s).

It is paramount to select a permanent location since relocation will cost you. Take time to decide and consult with your staff and a professional on the best place to install the digital signage.

Stay simple!
It has been proven that visual clutter turns off attention. You may have come across posters that have too many images, words, and different fonts. Most often became less interested in the message being cut across because of the complexities. It can be worse with digital signage screens if you have too much going on! Your message will be lost in all that clutter.

Research has been done by leading global stores on the impact of store arrangement to the visibility of digital signage screens. It found that the more cluttered the store, the less attention the customers gave to the screens. Hence, you will need to ensure there is ample space in your store – which can be achieved by suitable arrangement. With a well-arranged, de-cluttered store and simple signage content, you will be sure that your marketing efforts will bear fruit.

Follow these pointers and enjoy maximum profit this Thanksgiving!

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