How To Build A Free Digital Signage

Free digital signage can be setup easily using a TV connected to a computer with doPublicity PRO version free digital signage software.

Digital signage may be used by business to market their products to their customers, who are already visiting their place of business. This audience can be easily persuaded to purchase the promoted product as they are already in the place of business and are predisposed to taking a favorable decision. Digital signage can be typically used to display digital menu boards, event announcements, schedules, appointments, promotions, specific offers and other marketing material to increase sales.

Free digital signage typically means the use of a free software solution, to enable the business setup digital signage without having to buy software or pay monthly recurring fees. Almost all digital signage software vendors charge for their software with the exception of Free Digital Signage, who provides a free version of their successful digital signage software solution. The software lets businesses display images, videos, web sites and scrolling banners at no cost. The software is available as a free download from their site and customers do not have to call or email anyone to get the free license. They do not engage in any pushy marketing tactic like trying to convince users of free digital signage to upgrade or reconsider their decision.

The software provided by Free Digital Signage can be installed on any windows computer and is easy to use. It has a wizard type interface for every function that simplifies the task of creating content, playlist and scrolling banner. Any person who downloads the software can have it operational within minutes and start displaying their digital signage content with minutes.

The free digital signage can be setup easily using any used or new TV connected to a computer with free signage software. The digital signage can be setup using any type of TV – LED, LCD, Plasma or Projector. The TV can be mounted either horizontally or vertically depending on the available space and visual effect required. Almost all TVs presently available are capable of displaying in high definition and show the digital signage content well. The TVs can be mounted using either pedestal mounts, ceiling mounts or wall mounts. These mounts have the flexibility of swiveling so that the screen can be pointed in the direction of the customers. The TV may be typically connected to the computer using VGA, HDMI or DVI cable.

The computer should have enough processing capacity and RAM to be able to display images and video continually. It may be best to have a minimum 1.6 Ghz. Processor with minimum 1 GB RAM. The computer may be a desktop, notebook, netbook or mini PC with windows operating system.

The free digital signage software may be upgrade at any time to the paid versions that have additional capabilities. The paid versions let the user design using customizable templates that can be personalized with images and text, creating an attractive digital signage display within minutes. Additionally, the user has the option of managing their content, playlist and screen settings remotely; using web based online remote services. The paid versions also feature the ability to display live news, current weather and daily horoscope, besides; regular digital signage content.
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