5 Reasons to have Digital Signage Screens this Halloween!

Digital Signage screen usage during Halloween provides a unique opportunity for businesses to lighten up and provide some entertaining content to their customers.

Digital Signage For Halloween

Halloween is here! The streets and homes are already full of fun activities to celebrate this season. Everyone is in the holiday mood to make this year’s Halloween special, so you will be doing a great injustice to yourself as a business person if you don’t have a marketing plan around the Halloween celebrations theme.

Forget the traditional modes like printed posters and emails, and embrace the future in marketing methods. Have you considered digital signage screens in your marketing plan? If not, you are on the wrong track! Currently, the digital signage market is at 15 billion USD, and is expected to grow to USD 24 billion by 2020! This expected growth is brought about by the many benefits this technology offers in advertising campaigns. Renowned market leaders already know of its advantages, and you should be informed too.

Benefits of Digital Signage Screens

Before we get to the nitty gritty, let’s make sure you have a good idea of what digital signage screens are. These are digital pop-ups that you see in supermarkets, some restaurants, and other business premises that advertise and inform on existing products or services. Digital signage is an affordable system that uses LED, LCD and projection technology to display information in a compelling manner.

So, what makes these screens more useful? As you know, people currently spend most of their time on computer screens and television sets; hence they are easily compelled to the digital signage screens since they are a familiar source of information. Consequently, the message is cut across smoothly to the viewing audience.

Quick communication

You will not experience the long processes involved in the traditional modes of marketing. If you find a suitable software provider, you will be offered operational assistance like email, phone, and remote support to manage the operating system yourself. Moreover, you can be provided more than a thousand customizable templates that will enable you to relay the message(s) in a unique and compelling manner.


Embrace the festivities in your marketing by promoting Halloween on your digital signage screens. These TV screens offer great options of portraying your message in beautiful ways. With just a Digital Signage Media Player and Remote Management Software, you can control the content that you want to be displayed. The Digital Signage screen’s customizable features are very impressive. They come with an option of changing the text, images, background and how the message is displayed!

Different messages at once

Do you have many messages or products to advertise and you do not want to exhaust people with many words? Then you should try out the signage screens this Halloween. You can have different display banner feeds, and easily manage the information arrangement if you choose a user-friendly interface. Setting up your playlist will also enable you to fulfill your marketing goals. Better still, you can utilize the SimulSignage product. This way, you will be able to display your messages simultaneously on your website and your TV screen. It will be much easier for your clients to see what you are offering since the information will be displayed in an exciting way.

When you have the SimulSignage product, you will be able to update new offers on your website automatically. You will not need to worry about confusing your customers since you can customize the messages to be different but still have a link of similarity through your primary color or fonts. You will be able to relay different messages within minutes!

Do not shy off from these technicalities if you are a not a technologically savvy person. Just make sure you get user-friendly software. Moreover, your software provider will provide technical support to take you through your queries. Sometimes this may not be needed since the software should come with easy to understand guidelines. You should shop for software that offers a 30-day free trial so that you test it yourself before you commit!

Affordable and eco-friendly

Welcome to the world of saving costs with Digital Signage! With a right software provider, you can get these great benefits with no monthly or annual costs! The traditional methods like print make it more expensive for the production of massive amounts of printed-paper with similar messages on each slip. You will be adding a substantial volume of waste to the environment if you take this road!

Making posters as a form of advertising has been found to have undetermined ROI. Screens provide this problem with a solution, having many different ways that a message can be relayed. The content, graphics, and colors can be customized for the specific target audience.

Promoting enjoyable experiences

Queues seem much shorter when people’s eyes and minds are engaged. Digital signage is a must have in stores, to make the customer’s time in your premise enjoyable. Psychologists say that people often remember what they felt. You will be wise to bank on this truth as you pursue your business goals. Make your customers come out of your store entertained by your engaging, attractive screens!

If you own a restaurant or a food store, you are best placed if you act on this tip! Advertising food is the easiest since foods always look good in pictures. Advertise your Halloween offers on your screen and see your profits shoot up!

Last Word

Remember, the Digital Signage cannot do everything for you, though it can serve your purposes well. Therefore, as a business owner you should come up with a marketing strategy that is viable for your target market. The screens will then come in as instruments to grow your business goals. Having dull and uninteresting content on the screens is unacceptable.

One of the best advantages of this signage is their adaptability features. You can update your digital signage screens to the latest features or templates. Alternatively, you can be actively involved in compiling texts, pictures or pieces of information that you find are connected to your business. When you engage yourself with such content creation, you will be impressed at the compelling, creative content that you can gather along the way. This greatly helps to keep your messages fresh and captivating.

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