9 Important Factors To Consider Before Integrating Digital Signage in Auto Showrooms

Digital signage systems are in auto showrooms as a new medium to communicate and sell. Car buyers are savvy and usually, interact face to face with clients. Digital Signage provides an additional medium of selling the vehicle and the showrooms services. However, deciding where to place the digital screen and what content to put on the display is a key factor in driving sales within the showroom.

Digital Signage for Auto Dealership

In today’s world, every business is looking at going digital in some form or the other. There is digital control over production, processing marketing, and accounting. For an auto companies showroom to market itself effectively, and for the new or old car models to be bought, there has to be a different marketing system in place. You can no longer rely on flyers, brochures or word of mouth, via salespeople to increase sales. Digital signage has become the go-to way to advertise your showroom.

Unfortunately, it is easy for a business to fail even with integrated digital signage. To avoid pitfalls, you should keep in mind the following considerations:

  1. The goal to be achieved using the signage
    Digital signage is attractive, useful and will easily attract customers. Some might assume this will increase sales automatically. If this is how you are thinking, then you are on the right track. However, this will not happen overnight. Reflecting on why your customers are more inclined to a company that has a digital medium will determine whether or not your showroom gets higher sales, after the introduction of the digital signage.

    Ask yourself, is the digital signage for product/service promotion? Do you intend to show step by step directions to your customers? Are you going to educate your clients using the digital signage? Or would you like to get higher customer sales and engagement? You will want to determine your reason before deciding to incorporate digital signage into your business.

  2. Strategic location to place the signage
    After determining the goal you wish to achieve, select the location of the signage. Indoors, outdoors, or both? After making this selection, you must ensure that the location is strategic. The signage should be visible and able to catch the attention of customers.

    It is good to make sure that your digital signage in auto showrooms matches your interior and exteriors without being camouflaged. You may consider consulting professional digital marketing agencies for guidance on where to place the signage.

  3. The brains for content creation
    Digital signage doesn't lie in having the best digital signs or even the most expensive. You may have the most expensive display equipment but lack the right or even appropriate content to display. If your business does not have a marketing team, you may consider hiring a professional content writer or creator to work with you.

    High-quality content will compel customers to buy that car model or make further inquiries about the vehicle. Every marketer understands the need for high-quality content in driving sales.

    The best material leaves customers talking about a product or service even without purchasing the said product. This is the kind of buzz you should aim to achieve. Delightful, attractive, informative, creative and insightful signage can turn a potential customer into an active client.

  4. Accountable party
    It is advisable to have a marketing team heading all your marketing operations. Even when you have a small showroom, it is desirable to have a competitive and knowledgeable person running the show. This team or individual should be professional and in a capacity to predict market trends and advice on the best marketing model or theme for your client base. Digital signage in auto showrooms must be highly diversified and incorporate lots of creativity.

    Having a person in charge of the timing and general schedule of adverts will help in driving sales.

  5. Content management system
    Just like social media and internet marketing, a content marketing system is paramount. There are numerous digital signage content management systems in the market. You should be in a position to choose the best CMS system. This is another area where a professional consultant in the field comes in handy.

    The best digital signage for auto showrooms should have an intuitive content management system. The system should be easy to use and should incorporate the minimal need for comprehensive IT. With the easy to use digital signage systems today, you need not spend a bulk of your resources on the training of personnel.

  6. Control over the signage
    If you plan on having more than one signage, there should be a centralized control system for digital signage in auto showrooms. Control over the content and images/videos displayed on the different display screens is imperative. Having control over all the displays from one dashboard will cut down time and efforts otherwise expended on content management and customer relationship management. Thus, remote management digital signage systems are extremely efficient.

  7. Technical support
    Technical assistance is an important factor to consider when you think of going digital and installing digital signage in auto showrooms. You will either want to hire a professional team to watch over the operations of the marketing system or outsource services of a technical support and services expert.

  8. Don't forget to add a human touch
    Even with state-of-the-art technological signage systems set up, you must have a human touch in your operations. Having an automatic control system in your showroom is incredible; however, there is still need to approach your customers with a human touch. Ensure that you hire a few sales persons to communicate with the customers. Yes, you may have the best digital signage challenging all your competitors, but your clients will want to talk to people for further information on the vehicle, or sales process.

  9. Quality of hardware
    With all said about having the best content and the best individuals running the show, you must also consider the quality of hardware devices. The best 4K High Definition LED screens, for example, will help you in marketing and reach out to a bigger audience because of their attractiveness.

In conclusion, when deciding on a digital signage system for your auto showroom, bear in mind the above reasons. Answer these questions truthfully, engage the best minds and incorporate the best technological software and hardware applications for the best digital signage. Doing all the due diligence before making an item of expenditure will prove to be the best investment made for your business.

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