How to Use Digital Signage in Medical Marijuana Clinics

Digital Signage in marijuana dispensaries are used to increase sales, display pricing and store hours, show pictures of product explain uses, and educate customers.

Digital Signage in Medical Marijuana Clinics

Marijuana is legal in most states today in the United States. This has opened new opportunities for persons who would like to get in the marijuana business. If you own a medical marijuana clinic, you may want to consider an investment in digital menu boards. Many reasons make this an excellent choice to make. Below are some of the different ways you can use digital signage to boost your business.

Display prices
The first thing people want to see when they get in your store is the cost of the commodities you offer. To save time when doing business, it is important that you consider making it easy for people to find the prices. This will save you time, which would otherwise have been spent answering price related questions from customers. Displaying the prices of your products will further trigger impulse buying when customers realize that they can afford a particular product they heard about.

As prices of the products can change from time to time, it is easy to remotely update the product description and prices, especially when the owner is managing multiple locations.

Using customizable templates like four price menu boards allow the business to display prices of different serving sizes like singles, one-eighth, quarter and half ounces.

Display different varieties
Another way of using digital signage in medical marijuana clinics is by showing the various types of products that you offer. Needless to say, this will help avoid the same questions from customers. When using digital signage for this purpose, you need to make sure that you give more details about the varieties that you have to offer. Let the customers know what is included in different products and how they will benefit from them; this is a great way of boosting sales. When people understand the benefits of various commodities, they will be more inclined to consider them.

Introduce new products
Do you have a new product in your catalog? If you do, the best way of drawing attention to it is by promoting it on your electronic signage TV screens. Make it evident to the customers that the product is new. You can do this by making its content flashier. Make use of animations and loud colors. Do not forget to add more information about the products, such as how it has been prepared, how it should be used and how it will benefit the customers. Since you are promoting the product, compel consumers to consider it by lowering its sale price or giving special offers.

Provide information on medical marijuana
Educating people more on medical marijuana is an excellent way to keep them coming back for more and also to make quick decisions when shopping with you. One of the things you can do when it comes to this is to give information on the benefits of medical marijuana. Let customers know why they should use the products as well as how they excel over conventional treatment. You must also provide your clients with a comprehensive guide on how to use your products. Don't be too shy to cover possible side effects. The more truthful customers think you are, the more trust they will have in you.

Let customers understand working hours
You can use digital signage screens in your medical marijuana store to let customers know more about your working hours. This is important especially when considering your customers have varying schedules they have to keep up with. One of the questions you will repeatedly get from them is in your working hours. You can use your digital signage screens to display the time you will open your clinic and when you will close. Customers also want to know when you will open and close on holidays.

Give answers to FAQs
The idea behind investing in digital signage is to make it easy for you to do your work. Questions from customers are some of the main things that take up most of your time when in the clinic. You can save yourself time by making certain that you have answers to the frequently asked questions on your screens. This will further improve customer satisfaction.

Display contact information
Having business cards lying around the clinic is a good way to make it easy for customers to communicate with you. However, you have to note that people use smartphones today and don't have much use for business cards. You can provide your contact information on the screens. Alternatively, you can have a QR code designed so that once customers scan it with their smartphones; they will be able to get your contact information immediately.

Entertain customers as they wait in line
Another way of using digital sign TV screens is for the purpose of entertainment. If you don't have content yet that you can display on your screens, you can stream videos or documentaries on medical marijuana and its uses. This will keep your customers attracted to your screens as they wait in line to be served.

There are many more means you can use digital signage in medical marijuana clinics. However, for this strategy to work in your favor, you have to create good content. One of the things you should consider doing is animations. People are more drawn to animated text than they are to static content. Your messages should also be changed regularly else you will bore your customers.

The above tips will get you started as you implement digital signage in your clinic. However, if you feel unable to create content, you can always hire professional help. There are so many companies that offer third-party services for digital signage. This can be done using doPublicity Digital Signage, which provides pre-designed templates with digital signage software.

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