Digital Signage in Theaters and Concession Stand Menu Boards

Concession stand menu boards are now being replaced by digital menu boards for easy display of continually changing content which incorporates video, images, and eye-catching displays.

Concession stand menu boards

Digital signage is a technology that could be used in many applications. Theaters could use this technology easily as they have the screens installed already. If theaters have a LED screen, an LCD screen or projection type screen, they are ready to use this new technology. There are many advantages of using Digital Signage in a theater.

Irrespective of the number of players and screens in a network, theatre managers have the option of using Digital Signage to promote and market movies and Menu Boards. Using Remote Services, it is possible to remotely control what is on display and schedule content for future dates. In case, theatre managers use a standalone system they have the possibility to control one or more screens directly on the computer that could be connected to the TV.

In order to use Digital Signage Software to display at the theater, theatre managers do not need complicated equipment or graphic skills. Using Digital Signage Templates it is easy to make changes and create eye-catching content to promote shows and food items on a Menu Board. Digital signage vendors provide the necessary training for using Digital Signage Software, along with online video tutorials and user manuals for easy and quick learning.

Theatre managers have the possibility of using multiple content mediums to promote your offerings. It could be videos, images, customizable Templates or web sites – providing endless marketing options and opportunities. Additionally, the Digital Signage screens could be used to display advertisements interspersed with relevant content. Setting up and scheduling this content is easy with the multiple options available, such as display duration, dayparting* and future date scheduling.

Digital signage may also be used as a menu board in concession stands, where the products could be displayed using attractive images and promotional messages. The digital menu boards can be set up in a multiple screen configuration, where each screen shows just 1 or couple products. This way, the customers have a full view of all items available for sale and can easily compare products and place their order. The screens can also be used to display commercials of upcoming movies and related promotions. This is perfect for patrons who are hanging around the lobby waiting for their movie or while purchasing food from the concession stands. Many movies run promotions with items sold at the concession stands. Using digital signage as a point of sale promotion, will increase brand awareness and lead to higher conversions at the concession stand.

Digital Signage software is inexpensive with a lot of built-in features that make setting up Digital Signage in theaters a breeze. Almost all theaters have started using this technology due to its versatility and the options it offers.

*Dayparting is the practice of dividing the day into several segments. Each divided segment could show unique content, suitable for that time of day. Content is most often geared toward a particular demographic, and what the target audience typically engages in at that time. Dayparting is setup through the Playlist Setup process.

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