What does doPublicity Digital Signage provide?

doPublicity provides Digital Signage Manager software for displaying Content on LED, LCD or Plasma TVs.

doPublicity provides Digital Signage Creation and Management software with Remote Service:
PRO Edition - Free
The PRO edition is for use as a standalone installation and can be operated without Internet access. All Content, Playlist and Screen settings are done on the PC that is connected to the TV / Monitor.

The PRO Edition includes the ability to display using:
- Display using 1, 2, 3 and 4 section layouts
- Create Content
- Setup Scrolling Banner Feed
- Setup Playlist
- Setup Screen Display Settings
- View Display Reports
- View Screen operating Logs
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PRO+ Edition - $99
The PRO+ is similar to the PRO+T edition, with the exception that the 50 Templates are not available in this edition.

PRO+T Edition - $150
The PRO+T edition is also for use as a standalone installation and can be operated without Internet access. The PRO+ Edition includes 1 month Remote Service Subscription.

In addition to the features listed in the PRO Edition, the PRO+ Edition includes the ability to:
- Create Content using Digital Signage Templates
- 50 Templates included
- Over 600 Templates available through Remote Service
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PRO+RS Edition with 1 year Remote Service- $249
The PRO+ Edition with 1 year Remote Service subscription allows access to over 650 Customizable Templates and remote management of Content Setup, Playlist Setup, Scrolling Banner, Screen Setup, Display Reports and Screen Operating Logs.
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