Digital Menu Boards for Pizza Shops

Pizza shop owners have adopted the use of digital menu boards at a pretty alarming rate, due to it appearance, flexibility, and ease of use.

Digital Menu Boards for Pizza Shops

With the wide variety of menu options that pizza shops offer, it is only expected that they will need a very comprehensive and well thought out menu board. Pizza shops are one of the places that provide a wide range of menu option. For each pizza delivered, you will find different sizes, different sides to go with it, various toppings, etc. So your menu board might end up being an extensive list for your customers to sort through. This is why a digital menu board is so ideal for a pizza house because it makes the menu a lot easier on the eyes.

The presentation of the menu board is so important because you want your customers to be as comfortable as they can when choosing what they want to eat; you do not want them to feel overwhelmed or confused especially if you have an extensive list of options within your shop. Additionally, digital menu boards offer more than just an easy way for your customers to view the menu. It comes with other benefits that will see you earning more money and retaining more customers, and this is always the end goal of any food establishment or any business as a matter of fact. You can never go wrong when you use these tools at your pizzeria; it is safe to say that no other type of menu board can compare to them.

How to Use a Digital Menu Board in a Pizza Shop

You need to know how to put the menu boards to work because they can serve many purposes. The digital menu board is not only used to show a list of options. The menu board has exceptional promotional capabilities, and the display creates a better viewing experience for the customer when they are browsing through their options. Here are just a few things that you can attempt to do when managing the content and design of your menu board:

Illustrate Menu Items

The thing that sets digital menu boards apart is that they do more than just offer the menu as a list. You have the option of adding images to accompany the series of items. Since one aspect of the appeal of a pizza is the way it looks, it is always a good idea to have the image of a pizza on the screen. Images are more appealing to customers, and so you will find that they respond better to them than they would a dry list of options. The photos help the customer to visualize what a meal would be like, and this helps to influence their purchases.

Along with having images of the pizza you can also have pictures of any other items that accompany the main menu options. You can have small pictures of the toppings that you offer, or you can show photos of the drinks or any other side dishes. Typically, you have many persons who order takeouts, and they sometimes do so without considering buying a side item with it. If there are images of the side items, then they will be more compelled to take one with their purchase without the cashier having to pitch it to them.

Display the Price Ranges

Pizzas are not one size fits all items. There are always different sizes, different toppings and so on. Some pizzas go from small to extra large and then some pizza shops might offer even smaller sizes to accommodate customers who for example want a pizza to suit a single person. This can lead to a very confusing menu board for the customer. With a digital menu board, you will just choose a template that outlines the price cleanly and comprehensively, and this will make the ordering process a lot more efficient. Using 2, 3 and 4 price templates allows the store to show different prices depending on the sizes they offer, such as small, medium, large and extra-large.


Using image displays are a great way to convince your customers to buy a bigger size or to add a side dish to their meal. Customers usually need to be confident that doing so is a better option. What you can do is remind the customers what the best values are or you can show them which choices are the most popular, and this will subtly convince them that ordering up is a better option. The digital menu boards give you an opportunity to customize and use different color codes or headings to facilitate effective upselling.

The Advantages of Using Digital Menu Boards in Your Pizza Shop

Digital menu boards have started to become commonplace in pizza stores for more reasons than one. They are great investments because of the advantages that they offer when you place one or more of them in the business. They provide benefits for the customers which in turn become benefits for you, because whenever customers are comfortable and pleased they spend more and become loyal supporters. With everything that you do in business, you should always consider how it will improve the customer experience and these TV menu boards happen to bring many things to the table. Here are a few things that you stand to get from using these boards and using them effectively:

The menu is easier to understand

As we have already established, there is usually a lot going on with pizza menus. One of the most significant benefits of the digital menu board is that it helps you to make a list simpler for your customers. You can separate the different aspects of the menu using large fonts or images that will guide them to what they are looking for a lot easier. For example, you can place a large picture of drinks or a salad at the corner where the list of sides is located; the customer will quickly recognize what you are portraying. Other strategies can be used to make the menu effective; the menu boards are versatile enough to support this.

They are easy to control and customize

Especially when you choose a template, you will find digital menu boards easy to use. You do not need to pull down a board and do any writing, and you do not need to change the menu throughout the day if you offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You merely make changes using a computerized system that only takes a few clicks. The menu board can be updated within minutes, and you do not need to be concerned about it throughout the day. With a template, all you do once you have acquired the software is to customize and add the prices.

They make your shop look better

A pizza shop is not meant to look plain and simple. Considering the menu offering it is always best that you use colorful decorations and use bright color schemes. This is not only good for the store's surroundings but your brand overall. The menu board is placed right in front of your customer's visibility, and so, of course, you will find that it adds to the restaurant's look and feel. The digital boards always have a considerable presence wherever they are, and it will be no different in your pizza shop. They create the effect of making the entire area look brighter and more vibrant which is just what you need to facilitate an exceptional customer experience.

They increase sales

Everything comes together to make customers spend more and come back often. Once the customers like the environment, they feel comfortable during the ordering process, and they like whatever it is your restaurant offers then you will have recurring customers who are happy to support your business.

Choosing the Right Template

It is imperative that your display is arranged in the best way so that you can get excellent results. When you put the menu options on your board, you should consider all the factors that will affect its appearance. This will always help to determine how customers respond to it. To make things easier, you can just choose from a template of menus that are already proven to be effective. The good thing about selecting a template is that it gives you less work to do. Once you have a template, you can roll out the display without trying to figure out how you will arrange the list or show the different price points. The templates provide you with an outline/guide and if there are a few things that you want to change you can just tweak it, no need to start from scratch.

Choosing the right template will require looking at the content that you need to put on the board and how you want your board to look. Here are a few things that you will need to take consideration of:

How many items are on the menu?

Every pizza shop is different, some have concise menus that have only a few sides, and some have menus with a long list of options. When choosing a template, you will have to decide one based on the number of items that you offer. This is because the number of items that are on the list will affect the size of the menu and the way that it is arranged. You will have to look at how many lines the template accommodates and then decide which one will work best for your needs. A shorter list of options can be arranged more freely but a more significant number of options will have limited space and so will usually have to take the form of a long table.

What is the size of your display?

Displays come in different sizes and they can either be portrait or landscape. The digital menu board templates are designed to suit one of the many display sizes. The landscape options are usually the more popular choices. The portrait option usually accommodates less information than the landscape, and so it might not be a perfect option if you are looking to integrate images into your display or even if you have much information to put on it. Therefore if you have several pizza options with 3 or 4 sizes each, then it will be a bit tricky to display this on a portrait template. If your pizza store offers several items, then it is best to use larger TV displays that can effectively accommodate a landscape screen.

Do you want images on your menu board?

Images add so much life to your menu board and will add a little persuasion for the customer when they are making their purchase. You might choose to use images, or you can go without them, and this will affect the type of template that you select. You can get a simple template with just text across the screen if you prefer to go without images. Some templates might just show one large picture, and the text falls in beneath or beside it. Others have a series of images that are representative of what the pizzeria offers, such as salads, drinks, and deserts.

Do you have a long list of side dishes?

If you have many sides and toppings, then this will affect your choice of template. Some templates offer a more a menu that separates the additional items from the main items. This is a good option since it breaks it all down for the customer. If your pizzeria focuses on pizza for the most part, then you can find a way to incorporate the few small sides within the main list.


Digital menu boards are ubiquitous in pizza shops around the world. This is because they provide results. They are more straightforward, better looking and are the most suitable for the nature of a pizza shop and its comprehensive offerings. When you use a digital board, it is always important to get the best from it, and this means putting it to work on upselling your items, illustrating the menu options among other things. It is also critical that your display looks good and so it is good to choose the right template to match your needs. When selecting a template, always consider the information that you will be putting on the boards and the type of display you are using. This will ensure you the best results.

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