Digital Signage in Arkansas

Arkansas is well-known for its rich history. The state was one of the leading cotton picking territories, and this is mainly because it is located in the south which was one of the favorite cotton picking areas for the colonists. Its location also made it one of the states that were at the center of the civil war and the civil rights movement. Before it became one of the main hubs for slavery, the Native Americans had settled in the area. They dominated the state and lived peacefully until the Spanish explorers discovered it. Since then the state has undergone several significant changes including being sold during the Louisiana Purchase.

The grounds of Arkansas served as a significant area during the civil war and were used heavily for various purposes despite some of its residents not being on board with the war. When the war had ended, the state also was at the center of some of the most memorable civil rights moments in American history. This is mainly because African Americans who remained in the state became frustrated with segregation. Over the years, Arkansas has transformed into a state that is more ethnically diverse and continues to make strides to get over its painful past.

Arkansas residents are quite a laid-back set of people. The locals of the state are very invested in keeping the culture of their forefathers alive and so they do not focus much on the modernization of the state to meet the standards of the rest of the country and the world. People who are accustomed to living in other states might consider their lifestyle to be slow but they enjoy a more low-key way of living and that works for them.

Business within the state is quite stable. However, there is room for more innovation and growth. This can be a good thing for both established and new businesses. For some companies, it gives them the opportunity to stand out when they introduce innovative business strategies to increase revenue. Solutions like digital signs have proven to be lucrative to businesses of all types and sizes. They will be good for firms within Arkansas who want to step their game up and also guarantee their longevity. Though many business-minded individuals have shied away from Arkansas over the years, they are missing out on opportunities that others can make use of.

If you want to improve your advertising efforts in Arkansas, you will have to learn about all the essential aspects of the state that might have an impact on the setup and the success of the signs. You need to be aware of all legal matters related to the installation of the signage displays, and also you need to understand the culture, landscape, and practices of the residents of the state.

Local Laws Related To Signage in Arkansas

Arkansas law as it relates to signage focuses on the brightness and operation of the outdoor digital signs. According to their local laws, your electronic signs should have its mechanism in place to control the amount of light that is emitted from the unit. This is because excessive lights can be bothersome or harmful to persons who are exposed to it. This law seeks to ensure that this does not happen. The levels of light should not surpass .3 foot-candles above ambient light.

The law also states that there should be no videos or animation displayed on the outdoor screen unless you have a special permit that allows you to do so. There is also a limited time frame for you to operate your sign. All electronic signs are limited to operation from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm each day. You must also submit a signed compliance certificate to the zoning administrator to verify that your outdoor electronic signage adheres to the requirements of the law.

What Is The Local Culture Like In Arkansas?

Arkansas has had a rough history as it was one of the leading cotton states back in the day. Its past has therefore haunted the state in a current culture where inclusion and diversity are considered as the norm. However, the state has made valiant efforts to change over time and relations are a lot more positive. The residents of Arkansas are known to be quite polite and friendly, and this adheres to the image of the generally charming personalities of the residents of southern states.

Arkansas has a rich culture that makes it stand out from other southern states. The state embraces folk music and arts that follow to traditional methods that were used by their forefathers. It always appears that the people of Arkansas distant themselves from everyone else within the American society. This might have a wrong impression on some. However, the residents of Arkansas have long accepted themselves as independent trailblazers, and so they do not try too hard to conform to what everyone else is doing. This is one of the things that define Arkansas as a state.

The state is quite beautiful and scenic which is why outdoor activities are predominant within the cities. The people of Arkansas like to spend much time in nature, and so the state is known for hiking, hunting, and fishing.

How Does Arkansas Weather Affect Digital Signs?

Most parts of Arkansas enjoy favorable weather throughout the year, and that is good news for electronic signage owners because the weather will have a minimal impact unless it is in the mountainous parts of the state which can be somewhat cold.

Despite the predominantly lovely weather, there is a surplus of thunderstorms and rain. Lightning and rainfall can have adverse effects on electronic items, and so precautions would be put in place to protect the signs from these elements. There is also, depending on which part of the state you are, a threat of tornadoes. If a strong wind were to hit that might be detrimental to your signage, and there would be very little that could be done but to repair it and move on.

Cold climates in the north will have adverse effects on the signage too, and the north of the state has very low temperatures that can cause you to take protective measures to protect the display and hardware of your digital signage televisions.

What Is The Tourism Industry Like And How Does It Support The Demand For Digital Signage In Arkansas?

Arkansas’ tourism industry has been seeing slow but constant growth over the years. The revenue that is gained from the industry helps to support the members of the state and their household and small business owners. The state does not have an aggressive tourist campaign like some others, and so many people might not even be aware of what the state has to offer, including the scenery and the hospitality. However, this will continue to improve in the coming years. Though tourism is moving slowly, businesses do have a chance to use electronics signs to influence travelers to spend with them. There are not that many businesses in the state, and so any company that decides to make use of digital signs and uses it to influence buyer decisions is a business that will live up to its potential.

What Is Retail And Shopping Like In Arkansas?

The business sector in Arkansas has been substantial, and the employment rates of the state are among the best. There continue to be very few residents who are out of a job. However, reports suggest that there is space for new and innovative business ideas to thrive within the state. The state’s preference of not focusing too much on modernization also reflects in the business landscape. However, several gems within the state that provide shoppers and visitors with an enjoyable shopping experience.

When you visit cities like Little Rock, you will get one of the best shopping experiences in Arkansas. This is where you will find all the top retail establishments in the state and enjoy the shopping district. This area of the state attracts people from all over because this is one of the wealthiest business cultures in all of Arkansas.

Retailing is one of the top industries within the state. This is the industry that continues to provide a significant percentage of residents with jobs. The rest of the state continues to struggle with the sudden desire of customers to do all their shopping online. Therefore there is less of a need for employees within the retail industry. There is less of a need for storefronts, and many of the job positions in the retail business might become obsolete shortly. This revolution, however, is happening at a slower rate in Arkansas. This means that jobs in the retail industry are at higher rates than the national average, and more new retail establishments continue to be erected within the state and are even expected to see growth. However, it is a concern that Arkansas residents might start to catch on to the wave and online shopping may soon change the landscape which will be a problem for the local retail businesses. Retail is an essential part of Arkansas culture, so this might eventually end up being a blunder to the business landscape of the state.

What Is The Culinary Scene Like In Arkansas?

The culinary scene in Arkansas is one of its more prosperous feats. Arkansas is not short of restaurants and has some of the most renowned chefs and restaurants. Arkansas offers all kinds of culinary experiences, the industry is well rounded and thanks to some of the most ambitious restaurateurs, the state has even adapted to the many lucrative trends that have been happening in the food industry across the country.

Within the Arkansas culinary scene, you can expect to find high-end restaurants, cafes, fast food restaurants and even food trucks (a trend that has been adopted by the state). Arkansas is in no way short of culinary experiences and diners can choose based on many factors including their budget, the atmosphere of the restaurant, and the cultural style of the cuisine among other things. If one is looking for a culinary experience that is defined by authentic native cultures, then Arkansas is the place to be. Many small restaurants specialize in Mexican and Native American dishes, and you are sure to taste meals that use culinary techniques that have been passed down through generations.


Arkansas is that state that has a mind of its own. The people of Arkansas are friendly, strong-minded and laid-back. The state is one of the few who is not in a rush to latch on to the trends that other states seem to embrace. This can be a good thing and a bad thing, even for business owners. With its slow pace, Arkansas has been able to maintain its employee rates, and it still has room for new business owners to come in and help boost their economy. However, the state rarely embraces some of the most forward-thinking trends that are designed to make life a lot easier for humans. On one end, business owners benefit from Arkansas’ nonchalant nature to conformity. Business owners have the chance to come into the industry and make waves by introducing innovation and creativity. However, these business owners might lose since consumers might not embrace their approach. They still might just prefer to do things how they have always been done.

Studies have however shown that specific innovative approaches have been successful as it relates to business conversions. Digital Sigmnage and Digital Menu Boards are one of these approaches. Though the people of Arkansas may not seem to be too impressed by technological trends, the research shows that these strategies will always have a positive result when used no matter where you are. Digital signs are versatile, and this means that you can use an understanding of the state’s culture and people to decide how you will present information to influence their spending.
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