Digital Signage in Restaurants

Digital Signage use in restaurants, bars and similar business has increased with the low cost of digital menu board implementation.

If someone runs a restaurant, one of the best ways to impress your customers and promote your menu is to use new Digital Signage technology. Almost every restaurant displays the day’s specials on a display Menu Board, which presents an opportunity to replace this old fashioned way of informing customers with new eye-catching Digital Signage displays. It will enable to change their message instantly, and they could also add future promotions; in addition to the ones on offer on a certain day.

When managers use Digital Signage technology in their restaurants, they can display a welcome message with your branding to your customers. They also have the option of displaying the serving order for customers who have placed orders. This helps customers wait for their turn and have a precise indication of when they can expect to be served. It will also reduce your interaction with patrons who are waiting, which in turn improves efficiency and helps with quicker service.

Restaurant managers always have the option to use your display for advertising other products and generating additional revenue. It is highly likely that your vendors (Coke, Pepsi, etc.) would be keen on advertising their products on your screen to promote in-house consumption. This promotion helps the vendor and the restaurant push specific products that may be generating higher margins. In addition, local business from the area would be willing to advertise their services to your customers, who tend to look at the Digital Signage screen periodically and are a captive audience.

The cost of setting up Digital Signage is minimal, as all it takes is a personal computer connected to a TV - driven by doPublicity Digital Signage Software.

Digital Signage screens will allow managers to display not only text but also pictures and attractive videos of food they may offer. Using Digital Signage, restaurant owners have ample opportunities to get the attention of new and existing customers. Using this new multimedia technology also provides them with an edge over your competitors, as they may be perceived to be more contemporary.

Setting up digital signage using templates and ready to use content makes the task of the manager much easier. This also allows them considerable flexibility in planning and at the same time maintaining their brand identity. Digital signage templates are available in numerous configurations from 1 product to 40 products and can be displayed using split screen layouts. The split screen layout lets the manager display a much larger number of products and marketing specific high margin products to improve profitability. The templates can be setup to run for durations ranging from 10 to 30 seconds; while making sure that the customer has had an opportunity to read and select what they need.

This new technology will streamline your service and will impress your customers, while saving time and money that could be spent on manually updating writing your promotions and other marketing material. Since your restaurant will run smoother with higher ticket sales, your profits could also show an improvement.
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