Digital Signage in California

California is one of the most well-known states in America. The root of its popularity lies in the fact that it is known for its glamorous film industry. It is a state that is home to some of the most celebrated and well-known celebrities. It also is seen as the home of expensive lifestyles and trends. California is also known for the images of surfers on the beach, which is a different lifestyle that has its fame. However, California is more than just these two. The state is jam-packed with different cultures, experiences, and trends; it is safe to say that California is one of the most socially and culturally influential states in the country. It is one of those states that seem to epitomize the American dream.

For any visitor to fully take in California, it will take quite a few visits. If you want an exciting trip where you can visit Beverly Hills and view the Hollywood sign or stroll along the walk of fame, then take a trip to the famous city of Los Angeles. If you are interested in going to the beaches and surfing, then you might want to make a trip to Orange County. There are also other cities in the state that has their reputation like San Francisco, which is the hub of the high tech firms that are in control of the most popular technological innovations that we make use of today.

The trendiness and high technology that is California makes it a great space to accommodate innovative and modern advertising tactics like Digital Signage and Digital Menu Boards. Electronic signs are the new normal for on-premise and even off-premise advertising for businesses large and small. There is no excuse for any modern day business not to make use of persuasive advertising techniques. Advertising is an ongoing process, and so it should be one of the priorities of the company. Advertising never stops, old customers need to be kept, and new customers need to be made. Digital displays are popular because they make it easier for you to keep up with the advertising trends and display new messages constantly. They are simply must-haves. However, before you invest in them, you need to do your background research first. Parts of this research involve understanding the people of California and its culture; this will then be used when planning the installation and content of your digital signage screens.

Local Laws Related To Signage in California

California has key cities like Los Angeles that have the most colorful digital displays and behind all these displays is a set of regulations that need to be adhered to. These regulations are designed to meet the desires of Californian law but are very similar to the requirements of other states within the country. Outdoor Digital Signs that display animations are prohibited. The same thing would go for displays that have any form of motion, for example, signs that spin. You are not allowed to have signage that has any light sequences like flashing, blinking or any type of rapid movements.

Digital Menu boards are not allowed to display any form of advertisements; they should only be used to show the menu options. They are also not permitted off the premises of the establishment that it is designed for. Menus that are placed outside of the building can only be used for drive-thru purposes. Motorists and pedestrians should not be able to see the sign from the public right-of-way. There also should be no more than two of these signs on single drive-thru lanes. You are not allowed to add any information at all that may be tied to an advertisement that includes trademark signs. The electronic signage should have no internal lighting. However, you can use floodlights on the outside of the menu as long as the light is not too overbearing.

You are not allowed to put signs atop your roof in California and displays should not be mounted outside if they are not optimized to withstand the weather conditions. You are also not allowed to install billboards offsite.

The Local Culture in California

California is one of the most popularly known states in the US, and the Californian culture is usually identified as the culture of the entire United States of America. California has a very colorful history that includes a 15-year-old gold rush that began in 1848. The gold rush, which attracted immigrants, played an essential role in shaping the makeup of cities like San Francisco. Another event that helped to develop the culturally diverse makeup of California was the construction of the transcontinental railroad. This was a significant creation since it facilitated travel between the east and west coast of the US. The laborers who built the railroad settled in California, and their impact remains in cities like San Francisco (Chinatown, for example, was created by Chinese settlers).

One of the greatest culture-shaping affairs that happened to California was the introduction of the film industry to the state. This propelled California to its current popularity. South California became a destination of choice for the wealthy, and those who wanted to achieve wealth and fame and this legacy remains to this day. People still regard south California as a place of glitz and glamour and big dreams. California also continues to make strides in technology with Silicon Valley in San Francisco and San Jose. Silicon Valley is the home to some of the most significant technological powerhouses like Apple, Facebook, Google, and Tesla.

Impact of the Californian Weather on Digital Signage

California is known for its generally warm year-round climate. However, it is a big state, and there are different climatic conditions experienced depending on what part of the state you are. The south is the warmest part of the state and enjoys much sunshine throughout the year. You will experience the hottest and driest summers in cities like Palm Springs. The northern part of the state, where you find San Francisco it is a bit cooler. In San Francisco, it is usually cool and foggy during the morning which is why there are always hazy photographs of the Golden Gate Bridge (a significant landmark in the city). Though the north is colder, the winter season is still a lot warmer than most other places in the US, hence; it is improbable that you will experience freezing weather there. Central California is where you experience freezing winters and snow.

The weather is perfect for digital signage and digital menu boards for the most part. Electronic signage thrives in warm weather; the warmth does not negatively affect the display or the other electronic elements of the signs. If you are in Central California then, of course, there must be precautions to prepare you for the cold weather there, but apart from that, there is very little to worry about with California on the whole.

The Tourism Industry and How It Supports Demand For Digital Signage

Tourism is one of the highest money makers for the Californian economy. Tourism creates opportunities for several businesses around the state and helps to keep several locals employed. Throughout the years, the tourism industry has either remained static, or the numbers have continued to rise. The state sells itself well and so it would be no surprise that it is on the bucket list of numerous people around the world.

With so much to offer there are many different reasons for tourists to come to California each year. California hosts some of the most renowned events such as film festivals, music festivals and award shows and the state will continue to be a top consideration for events of this caliber. Furthermore, tourists visit for other reasons such as business trips or simple leisure activities. It is understandable that a star-studded state that dominates in many aspects will attract visitors in large numbers each year. Business owners reap the benefits from this and each year small to large business owners gear up for tourists based on events and just general trends. Each business puts out their best efforts as a consumer has many options and need to be impressed enough to choose your establishment.

Digital advertising displays are the best solutions to meet the advertising needs of all these businesses, and so they are always in demand. With all the lights and technology that fuels California’s major cities; your advertising must also embrace modern technology. Simple menu boards are just not contemporary enough. Temporary signs take away from the elegant look that your business is supposed to have to attract tourists that look for the modernity that is expected from California. Digital menu boards are just the right choice, and any company that does not invest in them might not live up to the real earning potential that can be gained from the tourism industry in California.

Retail, Shopping, And Food-Related Business In California

California has a very dynamic shopping industry. No matter what type of business, product or service you can think of, it is likely that you can find it in California. For the ultimate shopping experience, you can depend on Los Angeles. Los Angeles has the most exciting and elaborate shopping malls across the country and is a hub for the fashion of all types. Tourists who visit California and have money to spend will get overwhelmed with the choices in Los Angeles. It is not only the store choices either. Shopping in Los Angeles is an experience like no other with a vibrant shopping district and exciting things to see and do. Santa Monica is also known as one of the top shopping districts. There are so many places to go, and there are nicely-built shopping malls that offer visitors endless options for shopping and dining. Up north, San Francisco is the city to visit if you want to make use of a booming Chinese retail experience. The Chinese are retail pioneers who are known for extremely affordable products, and San Francisco is the place to find them.

The Culinary Scene in California

California is one of the top states where food is concerned. The state has its signature culinary culture. California invented some of the most used culinary practices such as mobile trucks and fusion cuisine, and the state will no doubt continue to set trends for the rest of the country and the world to follow. The state is well- known as the state for fine wines, and there are a plethora of wineries (thousands) available in the state that all accommodate wine tasting. Wine tasting is one of the most popular tourist activity to do in Napa and Sonoma.

If you are more of a healthy eater, then California is the state for you. It might be the best state for this. Healthy eating is something that is advocated in the state, and you are sure to find many restaurants that offer unique meals to facilitate this lifestyle.

The cultural diversity of the state will help you to find cuisines across several cultures. You can see a restaurant to suit your taste, budget, experience, and desires. If you want local produce, then places are abundant where you can get them. You can just look for a farmer’s market around town to get the freshest produce on the market. The state is also known for hand-made cheeses and a plethora of dairy farms.


If you are not using modern advertising technology at your California business, then you will be left behind. No matter how small your business is, it needs to appeal to the contemporary consumer. It needs to live up to today’s standards, even more so when you are dealing with a state like California that is known to be one of the trendsetters in technology. There is so much potential for any business within a state that has an energetic culture that pulls in so many visitors per year. You must make use of this by putting your best foot forward for your business. Understanding the space that you are in helps you to make better choices and digital signage is one of those obvious choices that each business owner needs to make.
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